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Old Comments:

2011-07-04 14:56:43
Just go the photo sites I mentioned and check out Sibell's photos. The ones you have uploaded are substandard and you are not doing right by his art.
2011-07-04 11:59:36
Hello adviser, Now you presume to tell others where to obtain their photos to upload. YOU WHO HAVE NEVER UPLOADED A SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH, YOURSELF. As for copyright notices, who do you think that you are fooling? Nobody is going to vote down a photo because the photographer has a copyright notice on it. Many very highly rated photos on Pixdaus have copyright notices, including many of mine up until the last three weeks when they started getting voted down (copyright notice or not). Many Pixdaus uploaders will remove these copyright notices (not hard to do), but I don't believe that this is right or responsible. As for this photo, I think that it is quite clear and sharp, especially considering that it is a bird in flight. The 'pinch of salt' photo that I mentioned is extremely blurry and was shot with a hand-held camera from some distance away. The result a very ordinary, and not very sharp photo.
2011-07-04 11:12:35
Sibell does not post his photos at treehugger, so how about giving us a link to the photo in its originating site? It may not be so blurry as this copy is. It is always a bad idea to take photos from secondary sites rather than from sites where the photographers themselves have posted their pictures. Sibell’s photos at pbase are very clear and sharp, yet all the photos of his that you have posted here have not been. See also his photostream at flickr where his nick is paddler60. Again, the photos are clear and sharp. Another matter that does not endear you to viewers: It is just too blatant to post photos where the photographer has added the copyright © actually on the photo. You whine and protest too much, and hurl accusations around without a hint of proof, also matters that could work against you.
2011-07-04 09:25:21
For the last three weeks, I have been continually accused of cheating by patito and his minions. However, if I were cheating why would this award winning photo by Gerry Sibell obtain a score of only +5, while a rather ordinary photo, uploaded by 'pinch of salt' (of a dove in flight and photographed from below with a hand held camera) obtain a score of +78. You may or may not like the results, however Gerry Sibell has achieved a lot of awards for his birds-in-flight photographs. He photographs in the shade or in low light situations and uses flash techniques to stop action and bring out the color. Mounted cameras and other aspects also play a role. Something that has not been replicated by any other photographer. If patito were really concerned about cheating (rather than some other agenda) it seems to me that he might look elsewhere a bit such as at 'pinch of salt'.