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Old Comments:

2010-06-29 12:32:17
Some of Tropsie 11 's images can be found here
2010-06-29 10:17:19
I know re the aliases - I was only jesting ;-) Patito accuses me of being paranoid, so I took the opportunity to show paranoid I can be (heehee). No mounties on you FBO - you're nice. What earthquake? I think there might have been one somewhere in the province of Ontario a few days ago. I live in Vancouver, west of the Canadian Rockies. We westerners tend to ignore anything that happens east of the Rockies - they are soooooo irrelevant.
2010-06-29 07:46:31
Connie, I have a few aliases but I never been any of those people that you mentioned in your above comment ( those sound more like Patito's brand of names)- Now that I am no longer posting I only check in to read the comments and look at the pics - and rarely to put up more photos but I better watch out now for the mounties could be on the way for me :) P.S> You live in Canada right? Did you survive the earthquake okay?
2010-06-29 07:37:25
If you wish to have this image removed simply send a removal request to and it will be done
2010-06-29 06:37:04
2010-06-28 22:26:51
Please remove this from your file. I created this image, and you didn't even set a link to the original site.
2009-11-14 16:11:32
What's the fascination with the color blue today, y'all?
2009-11-14 15:07:37
Trying to make me go cross-eyed fbo? ;-)