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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2011-09-25 02:25:13
It is unfortunate Carole C, that your posted photos get down-voted. Down-voting is NOT the way a new poster should be encouraged to participate here. Very few users (posters) here, unlike you, do not post their own photos. However it is a stretch to say that they steal them as they almost never take credit for the photos and usually DO credit the actual photographer. Unfortunately there are some very sad people in this world and it is particularly sad that they tend to congregate at Pixdaus. Taking pictures is your hobby and since it gives you pleasure, self gratification should be all you need. Don't give it up. Approach Pixdaus with a grain of salt.
2011-09-25 01:07:15
Every picture I post on this site gets down-voted. At least the pictures are pictures that I have taken, and not pictures that people have stolen from other professional's sites and taken credit for. Taking pictures gives me pleasure, and is my hobby. I don't need your approval. There are some VERY sad people in the world.