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Old Comments:

2011-03-21 23:43:46
Howdy Thom...the individual who wrote the comment signed 7b039 is suffering from a bad case of Patitoitis, a pathological condition unique to Pixdaus and characterized by an obsession with Patito. Those afflicted believe Patito is everywhere all the time doing all sorts of things. They attribute all manner of special and extraordinary powers and abilities to Patito, and any phenomena they can't explain by other means they asume to be the work of Patito. All this is, of course, very flattering to Patito, and is a source of considerable amusement to him, but it's sometimes confusing to strangers and newcomers. BTW..I do like your flower pics and hope you'll keep posting.
2011-03-21 16:21:04
You sound barely literate. The difference between "very little votes" and "very few votes" is obviously quite beyond your meager allotment of comprehension. Having got that out of my system, can anyone give me advice on how to make my votes bigger?
2011-03-21 16:03:14
Mr. Tom_B_FOTO: If you are new to Pixdaus, you need to understand how patito works. For some reason he has seemed to take a shine to you which is unusual because he usually takes delight in driving newcomers away. The upvoting of your photo was, in my opinion, the work of patito. Realistically it probably achieved a +15 (not bad for a newcomer here) and patito illegally upvoted it by some 80 votes that got it to +95. As for the comments here: Those attributed to 'my guess', 'Hopefull', 'Amen to that', 'Jacques alope', and 'patito' were all quite likely from the single individual 'patito'. All fall into the patito style of making multiple comments using many many alternate names and often seemingly talking to himself.
2011-03-21 15:20:21
Yeah, well you were so ugly when you were a child your momma had to tie a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you.
2011-03-21 11:15:48
you sound stupid
2011-03-21 10:39:52
Well, just exactly how little are the votes they get, Hort? You gotta remember, none of the votes around here are very big ..your average votes generally run between two and three inches at their highest point, and lots of 'em are a good bit littler than that.
2011-03-21 09:51:08
Lots of rhetoric here. However, pictures of flowers with a black background normally do not do well on Pixdaus....they get very little votes and certainly not 95 votes in such a short period of time. I wonder what is going on.
2011-03-21 09:31:50
Please reconsider..Don't allow the hoodlums and juvenile delinquents to drive you away . Don't give them the satisafaction of knowing they defeated you.
2011-03-21 09:18:01
Thank You, I am about ready to drop my membership....
2011-03-21 08:57:56
Amen to that, these are splendid flower photos, just keep posting and ignore the troll down-voting.
2011-03-21 08:53:02
To THOM_B_FOTO8f: Unfortunately, you have been targeted by pixdaus trolls. Please do not stop posting your wonderful photos! I saw this photo with dozens of votes and then suddenly with none. There are some trolls with extraordinary powers of voting, up or down, and their purpose is to cause as much mayhem as they can. Take no notice, and continue to upload your photos. One of these days, Pixdaus will finally launch their new platform and trolls wil be history. Till then, yours, Hopeful
2011-03-21 07:03:05
Don't thank us all, thank the ONE person that massively upvoted your photo. There is absolutely no way that it would have received +95 votes on it's own merit!
2011-03-21 04:30:31
2011-03-19 03:55:39
The votes on this photo are back, great flower picture :-)
2011-03-19 03:46:29
Downvoting by jealous trolls whose little black hearts are filled with bile and venom.
2011-03-19 03:30:11
There´s so much downvoting, what´s going on? This photo had 40+ votes when Friday started. Also, there are some similar photos from different users where one got 30+ votes and the other none or very few. Not a good day I guess!