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Old Comments:

2010-12-19 05:54:40
mystified If you're referring to me, you are barking at the wrong tree. I have fought for the right of free speech(commenting) on Pixdaus for a long time ... including defending Patito's right to use his style of language. I will, however, ask Pixdaus to remove the photo of me with the Mickey Mouse ears and nose (that will be the first time I have done that). A beret and French moustache was put on a photo of me a few months ago; I found it very funny. But, now the atmosphere is getting toxic...the comments getting malicious. The post by Dildo ? was the last straw. I went to look for that photo to know the last name used (Dildo....) but the photo is gone. Did I have that one deleted too mystified? The first 'hairs' put on Ademir's photo by Barber of Seville was funny; the second time was silly and boring. Ademir asked that this does not happen again. He used the word 'abuse' perhaps in the wrong context; but bear in mind that English is Ademir's second language. Barber of Seville knew that Ademir was simply asking this be stopped. The comments by Barber of Seville that it was a great improvement was insulting...that's a very personal insult! I have just a few more photos to post, then I will stop. I'll be in and out of Vancouver in the New Year. I could still continue posting photos and making comments, but it's no longer enjoyable for me. Someone, who does not have a computer, will be using mine (she's done that before). I told her that she can vote on comments and photos (same ideas/same tastes as me), but not make comments using my username.
2010-12-19 02:25:56
There are many workings here at Pixdaus far too subtle and mysterious for mere mortals to comprehend. Go about your earthly affairs, Little Ones, and trouble yourselves not about matters that are beyond your ken.
2010-12-18 22:03:03
Weird. Marisca’s pic has disappeared from all sections, it can be seen only in her file. Did the ‘conversation’ get too hot for someone who then emailed Pixdaus – only they could have made the pic ‘invisible’ yet retain it in the file.
2010-12-16 14:39:21
That's the photo I'm referring to Marisca.