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Posted By:Marisca

Old Comments:

2010-12-18 20:31:43
More to the above: Chief0bserver thinks I am Patito, that's why he/she aped my name in the first place. In his/her 'summation' he/she did not list my comments but lumped them together with Patito's. As Patito is writing under his name on this page, why would he take other names to do so? Chief0bserver is a troll who's full of you-know-what.
2010-12-18 20:24:30
TO CONNIE So now I am stupid, am I? I am not the one going around calling everyone names and still obsessing about an insignificant matter of the repost. True to form, you have yet again turned yourself into a victim. Don't you get it? There is NO DIFFERENCE between you mentioning a repost and Dingbat (or anyone else) mentioning a repost. It does not matter that Halex's pic did not turn up in your search. What now matters is that you have started thrashing around like a crazy woman and hitting everybody instead of letting go gracefully. But I guess 'grace' is not one of your fine points. Dingbat is not 'having me respond' for him/her, I speak for myself. I am not a troll, my name is registered and I write under this name only. Chief0bserver is a troll who aped my name by exchanging the O in my name by a zero.
2010-12-18 16:37:30
Certainly not you ZippyzAP, since you are indeed patito and are stupid enough to think that some might think you are not.
2010-12-18 16:05:58
Yeah you're NO FRIEND of anyone, Fake ASS
2010-12-18 16:05:20
OK, Connie using A single name.
2010-12-18 16:03:25
ChiefObserver is patito. I am Chief0bserver, and I am no friend of patito.
2010-12-18 15:43:06
Connie...using her single name?
2010-12-18 15:42:31
When you have the guts to comment under your real username...then I might pay attention to you troll.
2010-12-18 15:11:01
ChiefObserver is not ChiefObserver? What are you on?
2010-12-18 14:57:15
Summation: We have had 63 comments on this photo (including this one): 38 by Connie (using her single name) 15 by patito (using a variety of pseudo names) 4 by dingbat 2 by peasant 1 by marisca (who uploaded the photo) 1 by gabrielle 1 by Kodak Jack (who is probably aka Jack Sparrow) 1 by Chief0bserver (who is not ChiefObserver) What a total waste!
2010-12-18 13:40:28
"You're pathetic", "you're a liar", you're a "numbskull", just a small sample of the lovely remarks made by Connie. Unless you are new here you know this is not uncommon for Connie, she is ALWAYS going after one person or another, and if they ignore her, and don't respond to her accusations, she calls them a liar a cheat or even says they repost on purpose! She never swears, she just spews out her garbage with common words. Then after she's done alienating the majority of users, (that she has insulted), she aways jumps in making comments to the few people she has not yet insulted, or who she knows to be so polite, that they won't confront her with her rude behavior. Talk about pathetic!
2010-12-18 11:31:37
You're pathetic...and you know I know who you are.
2010-12-18 10:15:10
2010-12-18 10:04:40
For the answer to that question see the Newly Added photos.
2010-12-18 09:34:31
this whole mess is from your "initiating" -- you are the first one to comment on this picture, and just because you did not use the word "repost" makes no difference since your statement was all about reposting a picture -YOU POSTED BEFORE. You go around insulting, accusing, and abusing other users, and then when you get caught with your panties down, you try to squirm out of it. quit trying to weasel out of every thing you do and say, are you a woman or a mouse?
2010-12-18 09:13:32
There is some humour in all of this. Marisca, with the unregistered name and using funny names under tag, is having a hell of a good laugh at our expense. Stick around could prove to be a refreshing change...a breath of fresh air to this site. Good luck!
2010-12-18 09:11:07
Your comments on this page are insults, but more so on the other pages. I only reacted to your INITIATED comments. Like you did with Poppy and me, you and ChiefObserver butted in for no good reason, but to cause mischief. That was between dingbat and me. I name-called you potty mouth and sewage mouth which stems from the filth that has come from your mouth against anyone who did not agree with your comments. It does not matter much if you do not use that language anymore; you have already shown your true nature - what type of person you are. Have a nice day :-)
2010-12-18 06:54:36
Only you could possibly read the recent exchanges between us and conclude that I had attacked you. No one else would read it that way. Most people would read it as a very thin-skinned and possibly paranoid person lashing out at imaginary insults. I sincerely believe that you are so egocentric and emotionally immature and have such a chip on your shoulder ( a sign of insecurity ) that you cannot distinguish between good-natured banter and an attack or an insult. You take offense waaaay too easily, and your counter-attacks are ruthless and viscious. And I've given up counting the names you've called me within the past several days, but 'Sewege Mouth' seems to be your current favorite, despite the fact that I have used very little strong language recently and gone out of my way not to cuss you or curse you. If you quit posting photos as you've promised it will be a loss to the site. You have a good eye and post generally high quality pics. But NOBODY will miss your comments, your snide remarks, your name-calling and your general prissyness and prima donna attitude. Have a nice day : )
2010-12-18 06:22:12
TO PATITO I found what has been happening just lately very interesting. Here's a history between you and me. About a year ago there were disagreements between Poppy and I (stupid to go into detail), you started insulting me and this went on for months. Then, you finally stopped. Not too long ago, trolls were going after you in all directions...I defended your rights to make your comments and post the photos you wanted...using my username. No one else defended you; later on there were some support but very few. Then a particularly person (can't remember the name) threatened to go to Pixdaus to ask them not to let you make anymore comments. That was because of your continuous vulgar language and your implied connection with Pixdaus. I again defended your rights using my username. I said that I, and I asked others, would boycott Pixdaus is he succeeded. There was complete one came to your defence. Quite a while later Poppy did make a comment on your behalf. Everything was fine between us until just recently when you started again. It was too quiet for you...the trolls were now ignoring you, so you had to start something. Talk about the knife in the back! It is because of folks like you and your cyberspace 'friends' that I find this site has become a joke. There is no longer any pretense by you and your 'friends' to see this site as a photo site. It has become filled with vicious for 'friends' and not the photo...grouping together in a cabal to go after a person...using various trolls names to insult etc. I will be posting a few more holiday photos and that will be it. When one no longer enjoys something it's time to move on.
2010-12-18 05:56:42
WE...the royal are imitating your good friend Patito...he uses that word all the time. Dingbat is the one who make the original comment about repost. But, no one said they did not care to hear that. And don't say that's the first time dingbat said is perhaps the first time that he used his username saying 'repost'. Be consistent and play fair ChiefObserver troll.
2010-12-18 05:52:46
I already said that I would no longer be posting on Pixdaus in the new year. I strongly belief that you are posting comments under more than one man; there is a common thread to your comments...and that makes you a troll.
2010-12-18 04:50:56
I am NOT a troll, Connie. I have registered my name, and I have no ties to any Pixdaus users. If you feel this site is a joke, perhaps it's time for you to move elsewhere.
2010-12-18 04:46:16
Btw, Connnie, I am not speaking for Dingbat. I am sure she/he is fully capable of facing your rantings all by him/herself, but perhaps feeling that taking another nick would have been wiser, given your vindictive and paranoid tendencies.
2010-12-18 04:34:41
To Connie "None of you will answer a very simple question. How could I have known that Halex had already posted this photo at the time I was posting mine." Again, you are missing the point. This has nothing to do with reposts per se but about you going around like a demented person crying 'REPOST!' all the time. We do NOT care that you reposted, and we do NOT care that Marisca reposted. Instead of focussing on yourself for a change, see the bigger picture: Read the comments with an eye of an outsider rather than always trying to defend yourself against 'attacks' that ARE NOT THERE.
2010-12-18 04:31:22
it's something to do, but as far as what you posted and when you posted it and how many times it's been posted and who posted it first and bla bla bla.bla bla bla bla bla!!! frankly I don't give a damn!
2010-12-18 04:27:11
Three alphabets ? And which three alphabets might those be, dear lady ? Perhaps the Phoenician, the Greek and the Hebrew ? Sanskrit ? Perhaps the Cyrillic ? Do, please, enlighten us. We hang on your every word.
2010-12-18 04:26:00
Have fun little immature boy peasant?
2010-12-18 04:24:59
So why are you reading the comments and even responding troll ZlppzAP?
2010-12-18 04:24:06
Dear Sewage Mouth Answer one simple question: How could I have known that Halex had already posted this photo at the time I was posting mine (except with Tineye)? I bet you and your goons can't answer that...because none of you have so far. You're all talking around the subject but none of you are answering that very simple question
2010-12-18 04:23:47
Who the hell cares!!!! Don't you get it?
2010-12-18 04:21:12
2010-12-18 04:20:27
You troll ChiefObserver and your goons like Patito (with his many many troll names) have turned this site into a joke. How anyone could call this a photo site, as compared to, for example, flickr, etc. is hard to believe. None of you will answer a very simple question. How could I have known that Halex had already posted this photo at the time I was posting mine.
2010-12-18 04:19:02
2010-12-18 04:15:12
I suggest you mind your business peasant and stop butting in like you always do. You've been insulting folks, in a subtle way, under your many different names. Remember 'sea lemon', 'much' and I can't remember the other name but it has just 3 alphabets. And my back is doing great.
2010-12-18 04:12:35
Explain to me exactly where where I'm wrong Patito and I will apologize. But, don't yap away like your troll friend ChiefObserver without addressing the facts.
2010-12-18 04:11:07
I can't believe you're that stupid troll ChiefObserver. NOBODY could have found Halex upload at the time I posted that photo...NOBODY except perhaps Tineye, which I DID NOT know anything about at that time. So, why did dingbat even mention it...except to cause trouble. To do it the way dingbat did is being accusatory. I put Dingbat throught the third degree? He or she was not answer my TWO simple questions. And, why is dingbat having you, a troll, respond for him/her.
2010-12-17 23:06:05
2010-12-17 22:50:00
We all have problems in our lives but most of us don't run around biting people's heads off. In Connie's case, she transfers the pain in her back into a monumental pain in our collective ass. :D
2010-12-17 22:40:26
She is just grumpy because of pain in her back and sleep deprivation...
2010-12-17 22:32:33
Connie is one of those people who'd rather paint themselves blue and walk on their hands backwards rather than admit they're wrong about anything. Most of us adults realize that we're wrong about all kinds of things all the time, but some people just can't admit it , even to themselves. It's usually a sign of intellectual arrogance or of emotional immaturity. In Connie's case it seems to be a combination of both those factors.
2010-12-17 21:40:50
To Connie "But, it still DOES NOT address the main issue - explain why dingbat accuses me of reposting." Curious how you always manage to turn yourself into a victim. What is the difference between you making a comment on a repost and someone else making the same comment to you? The difference seems to be that you just 'point out' a repost (even if you throw in personal insults to go with your repost comment) while other people 'make an accusation' when you are the target. Dingbat did not ACCUSE you of anything, she posted a comment that reads: HALEX posted this picture before Connie did It is a statement, not an accusation. Another notable difference is that when you 'point out' a repost, the posters to whom you say it hardly ever respond in any way. When it is done to you, you call it ‘an accusation’ and then you write a book in response and find a hundred excuses as to why the repost happened. Connie, we don't care! All we want is for you to stop being the Pixdaus Repost Police, that's all. You put Dingbat through the third degree with your endless stupid questions when she had in detail told you how she found your pic and that of Halex. Anyone could have found your pic in less than 10 seconds since you DID provide the author name. Why don’t you now address Dingbat directly by extending him/her an apology?
2010-12-17 13:34:54
Why don't you address me directly Kodak Jack? There has been a lot of complaint on Pixdaus about Tineye not being reliable. I don't think I even knew about Tineye at the time I posted that photo. If I was to continue posting on Pixdaus, which I'm not in the New Year, I would use it as a backup to a 'manual' search. The main point Kodak Jack is that very few posters provide the photographer's caption, name and location. They sometime put the photographer's name under tag (that’s bizarre). . In this case, no one should complain if their upload gets re-posted. This is not fair to the photographers and not fair to the folks on Pixdaus who search diligently There have been a few times since I started posting that I searched correctly, posted and eventually seen the photo posted by someone else before me (based on the dates of the comments) under 'recently commented' or “similar pics for you”. In a few cases, they showed the came caption and/or photographer's name as what I searched under. There may be a glitch with Pixdaus. So, a search is not a 100% guarantee, but it's much better than doing no searches. Perhaps a combination of 'manual' search and Tineye would be more effective.
2010-12-17 13:27:42
Stifle it...Sewage Mouth
2010-12-17 13:25:41
You're quite right. Unfortunately, I had forgotten (old age & not being as good at multi-tasking) my first comment to Marisca giving the photographer's name. But, this only explains how dingbat found my upload, thus leading to Halex’s upload. Mystery solved..thank you. But, it still DOES NOT address the main issue - explain why dingbat accuses me of reposting...since I did everything I could possibly do. I would never do that. I did a search under the photographer’s caption, her name and location AND obvious the two obvious words 'iceberg' and 'penguins'. Halex photo did not show up. Do a search using the word ‘penguins’ and you’ll see that Halex’s upload nor mine shows up, yet we both have ‘penguins’ under tag. A search under ‘iceberg’ (under both our tags) shows only mine, and that’s only because I included that word ON THE CAPTION. That’s why using the proper caption if one is given by the photographer (otherwise use an obvious word ie iceberg, penguins) and the photographer’s name is much more useful in a search than what is on the tags. Maybe it’s me that does not understand the system – it’s possible as I’m computer illiterate. So please explain it to me. Two of my uploads were recently re-posted. I said nothing because it was not the re-posters faults. I had not used any caption or the photographer’s names (got the photo from a blog), but did use a proper caption,…but that would not have worked anyways. If a person searched and still reposts because nothing comes up because the original poster did not show the proper caption and/or the photographer’s name, then nothing should be said. The blame lies with the person who does not provide the correct information so a search can be done successfully. None of us are magicians.
2010-12-17 11:12:40
Someone should explain to Connie that Tineye isn't something one 'has' or 'doesn't have.' Tineye is there for anyone, anytime. Just enter the name Tineye in your search bar and click. You'll see the site name in the list that comes up on your screen. Click on it and there you are. Then click on 'Browse' where it says 'upload your image.' You'll be taken to your own set of photo files where you select and click just as you would to load a photo on Pixdaus. Then when the Tineye home page comes up again, just click on 'Search' where it says 'Enter image address.' Wait a few moments and Bob's your Uncle ! I believe that even someone as technologically 'challenged' as some of our users apparently are should be able to use the system without difficulty.
2010-12-17 11:00:41
Looks like she's already lost 'em... :)
2010-12-17 10:55:24
CONNIE, READ CAREFULLLLLY Connie, are you nuts? Look at your first comment, YOU GAVE THE NAME OF MARIA STENZEL! Dingbat said she found YOUR pic and then clicked on YOUR tag of 'penguins' and found the pic of Halex. I tried it, and it's exactly so. Are you losing your marbles or what?
2010-12-17 10:48:36
Who is 'nobody'...who are you to speak on behalf of others? Are you referring to your 'cronies' who communicate via e-mail? Thank you for at least not using your vile and filthy language in your comment.
2010-12-17 10:23:31
Connie..nobody is reading your comments at all, carefuilly or otherwise. Nobody else is as fascinated with you as you are with yourself.
2010-12-17 10:19:49
READ MY COMMENT CAREFULLLLLY Step 1: Where did you get Maria Stenzel's name since Marisca did not provide it? Step 2: How to did you get to MY upload since Marisca DID NOT have the word 'penguins in the tag for you to click on? Those are very simple questions; yet you refuse to answer them. My upload was not a repost due to negligence in that Halex DID NOT provide the caption (not even an obvious one like iceberg or penguins), nor the photographer's name, so when I did a search his photo DID NOT come up...could not possibly come up. I'm not a magicien. As far as you noticing my photos being downvoted, I suggest you go to the homepages of the top posters and compare them to my doesn't matter what you notice..Pixdaus statistics is what counts. This has been since I started to post 2 1/2 years ago...yet I hardly ever commented at that time. There are many others who have complained but used other names because of people like you and Patito. Again I ask "HOW DID YOU GET TO MY POST AND HALEX". It can only be with tineye or you are Halex.
2010-12-17 07:31:44
i told you how I found your pic and halex’s pic but here we go again: STEP 1. i pasted the name Maria Stenzel in the search bar and clicked ‘seach’, 4 pics popped up, yours was the first one. STEP 2. i clicked the word ‘penguins’ in the tags of your picture, 12 pages turned up, and halex’s pic was on page 3. i don’t care about you reposting halex’s pic or marisca reposting your pic, that is not why i posted my comment. i just found it silly that you'd point out a repost when your pic was already a repost, that's all. so, i don’t need the long explanations about your searches and why they did not work. just stop being the pixdaus duplicate police, that’s all. please. i have noticed your pics being downvoted but no more than other posters' pics. it's more noticeable that they are not voted much at all, up or down. would it have something to do with people trying to give you a message that they are tired of your endless repost hunting? i just broke my crystal ball so i don't know. :)
2010-12-17 06:39:58
Marisca the troll, without a caption, no photographer's name, useless tag, and a repost still got 51 votes. This pretty well sums up what is wrong with this site.
2010-12-17 06:35:18
After my second and last comment to Marisca (which got downvoted yet it was polite and helpful), and her obviously contrived broken English, I went to her page. I noticed the name was not registered, and all her photos has these funny tags. It's a student troll with too much time on his/her hands.
2010-12-17 06:15:49
It was not "on quite a few sites" at the time I posted the photo, but it is now.
2010-12-17 06:14:44
Your explanation is odd. How did you get to my upload? Marisca provided a wrong and useless caption (blue ice), and put the useless words 'verne juliette' under tag. So, how did you get to my upload? There is nothing to click on!!!! AGAIN I REPEAT, when I would have done my search before posting, I would have searched under the PROPER caption, the photographer's name and two obvious keywords - penguins, iceberg, and NOTHING showed up. SO, WHAT MORE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? YOU TELL ME. I don't care that Halex posted that photo before because he DID NOT provide the proper caption and photographer's name. So, your comment does not make sense. Anyone who does not provide the photographer's caption nor the photographer's name should not be complaining if their upload is reposted. You were annoying for bringing it up, since Halex deserved to have his upload reposted because a search could not possibly show up his upload. You still have not said how you knew that photo was uploaded before. Via tineye or you are Halex? Picture Girl and sometimes others provide the URLS. We are all supposed to do that. When I see an upload by Picture Girl with one comment, I know what it is, so I don't open's not rocket science. At least she provides the correct caption and photographer's name, and provides the direct link as required. So what is annoying about that. I never paid attention to what the URL numbers meant; I never click on 'most popular today', 'Recently upvoted' etc - it's not important to me. In the New Year I will not be posting anymore photos because I'm starting a new project, but more so because.... .... all the unecessary reposts (I only comment on a small percentage of them) because some uploaders consistently refuse to use the photographers' captions and name; instead purposely put the name under the tag so the photographer will not ask them to remove the photo. Some make no effort whatsoever to do even a basic search. .... when I do make a polite and direct comment about reposts, it's only done after I did a simple search and the photo came up, yet I get attacked for doing so. If others do the same, they don't get attacked. Also, it's ok to repost for some and not others. That is not fair and it is not professional. .... no one dares do a critique on a photo, because their uploads will get downvoted very quickly; yet, since it's supposed to be a photo site, we should be doing critiques. That is not fair and it is not professional. .... there is too much cheating. .... my uploads and others get downvoted not because of the quality of the photo but because of who the uploader is. In life, when one no longer gets enjoyment from something, they should just move on.
2010-12-16 23:48:56
To Missy Connie Madam: 'Mahatma' is not a given name, but a Hindu title of respect given to persons of worth. It is similar to 'Reverand' in English language. Thank you.
2010-12-16 20:14:47
btw, have not any of you noticed the so-called author names in the tags of marisca’s pics? bacon breenghome, dempsey jack, abner little, verne juliette, brady bunche? methinks the poster is having fun at our expense. :D
2010-12-16 20:00:09
i did do a search before commenting, connie. i found your pic in 10 secs with the author name you gave, clicked on the word 'penguins' in the tags underneath your pic, and on the 3rd page of the list i found the pic posted by halex. so, go to your pic, click on the 'penguins' tag, and go to page 3 of the list and you'll see it. i just now wrote the word 'penguins' in the search bar, and halex's pic was not on that list, but neither was yours. i have always thought that that searches were waste of time because the pixdaus search engine is full of holes. how do i know halex posted the pic before you? the urls of pics have a series of numbers: what do you think they represent? it's not rocket science to figure it out, they represent the order in which pics are posted, smaller the number the older the pic. halex's pic was posted over 100,000 pics before yours. the point i was really trying to make was that it is annoying to open up a pic, especially as pixdaus is so darn slow most of the time that it can take even over 1 min to open a pic to comments, only to see either a troll comment, 'repost!' comment, or urls of pics from the source sites, and then having to wait another minute to get the hell outta there. :) added annoyance was that the 'repost!' crier's own pic was already a duplicate. 99% of the time, searches don't turn up anything because the system sucks, so the too-frequent lessons in your famous searches are also annoying. i don't mean this unkindly, connie, but i just wish that you'd loosen the ropes a bit and have fun instead of being the pixdaus duplicate police all the time. you have a great sense of humor when you’re not pissed off about something. and please, don't stop posting pics because they're good and pixdaus cannot afford to lose any posters. merry xmas to you!
2010-12-16 15:42:36
This is a very beautiful and rather famous photograph which appears on quite a few sites. I am, for one, always happy to see it again.
2010-12-16 15:00:00
By the way - thank you dingbat for using your username; you showed guts. I only wish you would have done a search before commenting; it would have been more fair.
2010-12-16 14:57:52
You're funny. Any relations to Mahatma Ghandi ;-)
2010-12-16 14:49:46
is true, many years ago this photo made. all ice now melted already and little birdies swimming in ocean. very sad for little birdies.
2010-12-16 14:43:54
What a pathetic attempt at using broken English. This photo was not on the Internet many many times when I posted it.
2010-12-16 14:39:17
this photo have been on internet posted many many time. is posted on many many photo site and everybody see it many many time.
2010-12-16 14:38:04
I'll leave a comment under the photo I upload so that if you look under "Recently commented" you'll understand what I'm saying.
2010-12-16 14:36:49
I never finished my comment that it took off on me ;-) Penguins......none found Sea..............15 pages @ 100 per page Ice................19 pages @ 100 per page Glacier.......... none found Waves.......... none found Iceberg......... none found None found because I assume Pixdaus does not have tags for those words. In other words, dingbat, the only way you found this photo is either with tineye, which I don't have, or you were once upon a time Halex. If so, who have the right to post under various names. Recently, two of my uploads were re-posted. I could not even find them, so I did not say anything.
2010-12-16 14:30:44
I don't know who posted this photo first. How do you know Halex did ? Is it by the # above. The photographer's caption for this photo is Blue Iceberg. the photographer is Maria Stenzel, and the location of the photo is the National Geographic Society. Therefore, I would have done a search under 'Iceberg', 'Maria Stenzel' and 'National Geographic'. I also would have done a search under the obvious words 'Iceberg' and ‘Penguins’. Halex DID NOT use any caption, nor did he indicate the photographer's name nor location. Under tag he put the words: penguins sea ice glacier waves iceberg. This is NOT a glacier. However, I decided to do a search using his tag words. Penguins none found Sea
2010-12-16 14:30:38
I don't know who posted this photo first. How do you know Halex did ? Is it by the # above. The photographer's caption for this photo is Blue Iceberg. the photographer is Maria Stenzel, and the location of the photo is the National Geographic Society. Therefore, I would have done a search under 'Iceberg', 'Maria Stenzel' and 'National Geographic'. I also would have done a search under the obvious words 'Iceberg' and ‘Penguins’. Halex DID NOT use any caption, nor did he indicate the photographer's name nor location. Under tag he put the words: penguins sea ice glacier waves iceberg. This is NOT a glacier. However, I decided to do a search using his tag words. Penguins none found Sea
2010-12-16 13:30:39
I am regret I am no speak english.
2010-12-16 13:22:53
HALEX posted this picture before Connie did
2010-12-16 12:40:29
I think you're new here Marisca. When I first started to post photos, I had not even noticed the 'Search' button, so I re-posted some photos. Even now, for whatever reason, some photos do not come under a search for no reason at all ... which has happened with me and others. But, it's best to always do at least a minimal search under the caption, photographer's name, and some obvious words ie iceberg. I hope you enjoy the site Marisca.
2010-12-16 12:26:43
It's a blue iceberg by Maria Stenzel for National Geographic...definitely not verne juliette as indicated on your tag. A simple search would have shown that I already posted this photo. Perhaps you got on a website where a verne juliette uploaded it to that site. I've seen on some sites that indicated I was the photographer of a particular photo.