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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-02-11 21:55:15
the theme for the next race on wednesday 16th is MISTY.
2011-02-09 22:55:20
very good use of filter
2011-02-09 14:04:57
Uh oh, the comments are being left again in the wrong place. Anyway, hi dingbat. I have the same problem with the nick not staying logged in and some others have had that problem too, after receiving some feedback about this the other day. It's a real nuisance. You have to be logged in to choose a photo to be a favourite, as well as for leaving comments. I wonder why this is happening all of a sudden ? Very strange...
2011-02-09 14:01:44
It WAS me, Skip. I thought that dingbat left the comment I replied to, but it was you instead. So I apologize once more about that. Glad that your leaving comments is working now... :)
2011-02-09 13:58:32
hey, it worked! thanks again, skip :)
2011-02-09 13:57:25
hi picturegirl! no, i don't have trouble writing comments, but the nick does not stay logged in, nearly every time i change pages or sections, it pops out and i have to log in again.
2011-02-09 13:29:05
No, Mary, it was me again, I told dingbat that I tried to leave a message on this flower before, but it wouldn't work...but it's back to working for now....I think :)
2011-02-09 13:25:47
Oops, sorry Skip. got my posters mixed up. Wonder how I did that ? Silly me.... :(
2011-02-09 13:24:30
Don't tell me you are having problems leaving comments too, Dingbat ? I hope that's not the case.
2011-02-09 13:21:25
ok, one more try,... beautiful flower dingbat!