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Old Comments:

2009-06-11 17:58:07
I am waiting for a picture from there to give you "a wink - un clin d'oeil" ;-) We had, I had had "the country ... la France n'etait pas gentille". Now " La Blonde": ? ;-)
2009-06-11 11:06:18
Non, je ne sais pas quelle paye est 'la Blonde' de l'Europe.
2009-06-11 05:15:21
Trolls are creatures on Pixdaus that take on different names and make nuisance of themselves. Some use vulgar language.
2009-06-10 18:58:02
Connie, Yesterday you used the word "troll". I looked into my dictionary : they speak about "song - chanson" or about "fishing - peche ". Certainly you used it with another sense ... Can you traduce it ? Merci d'avance ;-)