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Posted By:tardo123

Old Comments:

2010-12-10 22:33:34
Well, any kind of crab could be a blue crab if it were sad and down in the dumps, couldn't it ?
2010-12-10 22:28:47
I've never seen a blue sand crab and never hope to see one. But I can tell you here and now I'd rather see than be one.
2010-12-10 17:09:45
Oh yes, I sure do. So how about it, FBO. What's the answer ? :)
2010-12-10 16:36:31
Not a bad joke Mary...and we need some laughs around here, but I think you for the answer to your question, you should ask our expert on blue... you know who :))
2010-12-10 14:51:11
LOL... good one, Skip... :) Wonder if these crabs come out every blue moon ? Sorry, bad joke, I know... :(
2010-12-10 13:42:58
I get the blues just thinking about it.... ;)
2010-12-10 12:02:17
That makes no sense whatsoever. If a crab is blue it is therefore a blue crab, isn't it ?
2010-12-10 11:48:44
Although this crab is indisputably blue it is not a blue crab ( Callinectes sapidus ). This appears to be some kind of sand crab. Most sand crabs are the color of sand , and though blue sand crabs apprently do exist, I have never seen one.