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Old Comments:

2011-01-03 17:28:16
Abba, you will find just about all you need to know about Australian bees on . I do not know if they would thrive in Florida. There has been anxiety here about the possible arrival of the American Bumble Bee on our shores. It is thought that this would be a disaster for our native bees, which are, on the whole smaller, and not aggressive. Good luck with your bee-keeping, I think it would be a very interesting thing to do.
2011-01-01 20:22:15
You are very welcome, Gabrielle. Your patience is evident in the picture you took. I love those Salvia flowers also. Thanks so much for sharing your great photo with us... :)
2011-01-01 19:47:47
Beautiful, Gabrielle ! And Happy New Year !
2011-01-01 17:58:04
Hello, I'm from florida, and I am thinking of becoming a bee keeper as I find them so enthralling. Your picture is excellent, and the flower makes a lovely backdrop for this bee. I hope to see more of your photo's, and would appreciate any information or stories you have about these marvelous insects.
2011-01-01 17:40:01
Thank you, PictureGirl. I am fascinated by these beautiful bees and sat for ages in our clumps of Salvias to get photos of them. They live in cracks in rock-faces and also in small unused holes drilled into buildings.
2011-01-01 14:30:41
Just beautiful Gabrielle, bee AND photograph... :)