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Old Comments:

2008-11-03 14:40:34
that piece of shot looks like it was put together after a garage sale
2008-04-30 07:09:16
Too much Opium running rampant in Germany......Case in Point.
2008-04-28 07:55:34
BV-141 was often ridiculed and laughed at by other planes and thus preferred to be alone. He always shunned public gatherings and photo ops, yet secretly yearned for some company on those lonely Saturday nights in the hangar.
2008-04-26 11:19:56
Near the end of the war they would try and put anything together to make an airplane. Note the sink in the back there...
2008-04-26 02:10:15
The BV-141 was used primarily for recon because of this.
2008-04-26 01:48:24
According to my reference book on odd aircraft, the BV 141 had a range double that of its competitor as a ground attack plane to supplement the Stuka. Its aerodynamic characteristics were comparable to the Bf 110 fighter plane. But, wouldn't seating the pilot in a second fuselage to the right of the engine fuselage create a blind spot to his left? Or was the idea to give him visibility to the rear and below? Was the idea to give him a better view of the ground? Any rationale for this unusual design?
2008-04-25 15:42:01
This is one ugly plane.
2008-04-25 04:59:50
Thanks, I've been trying to describe this bird to my "Cell mates"
2008-04-25 04:52:53
whatever you say about Nazis, the Germans always leave me amazed with their incredible design and engineering tradition.
2008-04-25 04:46:04
One of the strangest designs to come out of germany in WW2.