Search has been rebuilt!

You asked for better search tools. This morning we released a new and improved search system just like you wanted.

You can now search on the full text of the user and description as well as autocomplete of tags like before. If you have any issues with it please let us know so we can check it out.


A word about points…

Just some quick thoughts about the points system.

The points system is a work in progress. Let’s just get that out of the way first of all. It has been slowly evolving and changing, and will continue to do so. There. That’s done.

One thing you can be assured of. Going forward your points will always go up. More is better right? Yes.

Things that make your points go up (so far) are uploading, voting, getting votes, getting favorites and getting comments. In other words upload some photos that people will like if you want more points. Interact with the content that other people upload.

If you think you should earn points for some other actions that we havent even thought about yet, then please send us some feedback and we’ll give it some thought.


Pixdaus Newsletter

Starting today Pixdaus is going to be sending out periodical newsletters highlighting some of our favorite posts and explaining what we’ve been up to. This will be most useful to those of you that don’t follow this blog. As always we completely respect your privacy and if you don’t want to receive any more newsletters just use the opt-out link at the bottom of the email to shut us up.

Keep on posting!

Pixdaus MaxView is here for browsing!

Browsing the site is great and the larger number of images per screen gets more amazing photos in front of your eyes at once. Sometimes though you just want to see large images in a single column and take your time.

Many of you asked for it. We promised it. Here’s how it works…

1) Make sure you are logged in.

2) Click on the “Newest” (or other browse tab)

3) At the right you will see an icon. You want to click this.

4) Your browse view will now look like this

5) If you want to set it back to the smaller version, just click the icon again to toggle back.