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Old Comments:

2011-11-14 21:06:14
I apologized (see above) for thinking that perhaps you had an agenda. I did say that anyone has the right to do a critique since Pixdaus is supposed to be a picture site (haha) But, Pixdaus is very different. If you do a critique on an upload, it gets a lot of sympathy votes. Also, most on Pixdaus vote for the uploader not the picture. Continue your critiques - it's your rights, but perhaps use a different name instead of 'Not Fooled', which comes across as sarcastic. Then, your comment will be taken more seriously. Your critique was valid and I agree with it.
2011-11-14 12:03:40
2011-11-14 10:37:20
Although Not Fooled is entitled to his/her opinion about this photo being a photoshopped wallpaper, I don't believe it is. It is a photo of a specially sown flower meadow beside the N276 in Brunssum, Netherlands, taken on 10 July 2011.
2011-11-14 09:55:25
By the way, COY is greatly benefiting from all of this. As these various comments are made, this photo is constantly being brought to the front and the votes on it continue to go up. Now even PictureGirl has been brought into commenting. By the way, I don't really like commenting here and I don't really like Pixdaus. I think that it is undoubtedly one of the worse photo sites on the Internet. It seems like far to many of the users on the site are far more interested in controversy than they are in photography.
2011-11-14 09:50:27
So now I am being accused of 'targeting' COY. And just where did this idea come from? I have absolutely no reason to target COY and I do know that some of his past uploads have been rather good, albeit somewhat vanilla. My previous comments have all been in regards to this particular photo, one that I do believe is in very suspect quality. My opinion, plain and simple, and one in which you can agree or disagree with. It is not COY that photographed, or manipulated, this -- he simply uploaded it. Whoever you are definitely not fooled, I think you protest way too much and I wonder just what you stake is in all of this?
2011-11-14 09:02:31
I can assure you I wonder, that I am NOT COY. My name is Mary and I live in Australia. And I will not post until Pixdaus is a better place to post in....
2011-11-14 07:21:49
I mentioned PictureGirl because she was constantly being insulted by a troll because of her posting wallpaper pics and being accused of seeking sympathy votes, so she left. Now, it's COY, so I wondered if perhaps it was the same troll having no one to pick on, so targeted COY. PG (female) and COY (male) are very much two different people.
2011-11-14 06:10:10
The above comment was intended for definitely not fooled, too bad it came up way down here.
2011-11-14 06:04:15
Why do you keep bringing PictureGirl into these comments? What has she had to do with this photo? Is it your contention that PictureGirl and COY are the same individual? If so, I would find this hard to believe although it is possible that PictureGirl did not stop posting but is instead now uploading photos as COY.
2011-11-14 03:16:31
You're wrong. Since Pixdaus claims to be a photo site (I wonder sometimes), we all have the right to do a critique - that's what happens on photo sites. But, it should be sincere, honest and with no hidden agenda. It is not nit-picking or being a busybody.
2011-11-14 03:13:27
First, I did not post any other comment than the one above. Secondly, PictureGirl was insulted long enough enough she finally gave up. Next thing I see is that COY is being targeted. If you are not the one going after PG and COY just to be a nasty troll, then I apologize, I was wrong. Yes, you most certainly have the right to make an honest sincere critique
2011-11-14 02:27:27
Only a tedious-minded nit-picker could possibly care whether or not the photo is shopped. Only an annoying busybody would both care and feel compelled to comment.
2011-11-14 00:39:43
You sound like a pompous ass.
2011-11-13 23:54:27
By the way, the comment by In Love with Nature was totally appropriate.
2011-11-13 23:53:00
definitely not fooled, Boomer and Got a match are all one comment trolls and obviously the same individual and I am pretty sure who that is, and I doubt if it was COY. But what I don't understand is why that individual has decided to get involved with this. You don't have to blow this photo up in order to see the rather poor seam in the paste job. It was very painfully obvious to me the first time I looked at the photo. I only blew it up in scale to prove my point and to show somebody, like definitely not fooled with poor eyesight, how extremely accurate I was. COY has been away and has not uploaded photos for a while. Since he is apparently returning to posting, I was disappointed in this particular photo as not being up to his previous standards. As for the critique of other peoples uploads, I was under the impression that this was what these comments were intended for ...... critique of photographs, and not for the purpose of malicious comments regarding other Pixdaus users. If definitely not fooled, Boomer and got a match wanted to disagree with my assessment that would be fine. But they are not doing that, they are simply attempting to antagonize me for using comments to critique an upload in the manner that the comments were intended for.
2011-11-13 15:43:18
I've got a match ! Not Fooled's breath and a buffalo fart !
2011-11-13 15:40:25
Why don't you do us all a huge favor, Not Fooled, and while you're blowing up photos, take a few extra minutes and blow yourself up as well ? A couple of sticks of dynamite, a cap and some kind of ignition source and BOOOOM ! You'll be on your way ! Here...need a match ?
2011-11-13 12:50:05
What a joyful summer meadow, COY.
2011-11-13 08:17:39
Why don't you post some pictures, then it will give you the right to critique other peoples' comments. What does PictureGirl have to do with this? If you blow this photo up the photoshop seam between the flowers in the foreground and the trees in the background becomes quite evident. The floral foreground was pasted on top of the background and relatively poorly done. In the past COY used to upload much better images than this one.
2011-11-13 07:43:48
You post some pictures, then it will give you the right to critique other peoples' uploads. Missing PictureGirl's presence?
2011-11-13 07:19:30
Photoshopped wallpaper, can't you do better than this COY?