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2009-02-27 08:07:38
Thanks Blank - I'll search for the bood in the library. With regards to the 2nd comment: That's not the case with this buffalo blank. The story made international news because it has not occured in decades. The white buffalo is part of the legends of North American natives. It has been anticipated and dreamed of for decades. The appearance of Blizzard signifies great changes in the world.,,according to native legends.
2009-02-26 15:52:15
The Story of Blizzard - The White Buffalo By Dr. Robert E. Wrigley, Curator, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg, Canada As the Curator at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, it is my responsibility to acquire new animals for our conservation and interpretive programs. In 2006, I was in the process of arranging an exchange of European Bison with a rancher in the United States, when he informed me that a white calf had been born in June 2005 in his large herd of Plains Bison. His animals originated from the herd in Custer State Park, South Dakota. I immediately expressed interest in acquiring this white calf, since it would draw many people to the Zoo. The Buffalo is Manitoba’s Provincial emblem, and historically played a prominent role in the livelihood and culture of First Nations, Métis, and European traders and settlers. I thought that Manitobans and visitors would appreciate being able to see and learn about this rare White Buffalo. While I had heard about Miracle and Big Medicine – two other famous White Buffalo born on ranches in Wisconsin and Montana – I must admit I had no idea of the great spiritual significance of such an animal. I gave the calf his English name Blizzard not only due to his color, but because he arrived in Winnipeg during a fierce snow storm on March 6, 2006. When word of Blizzard’s arrival was made public, a number of First Nations Elders arrived to inform us of the great importance of this event, and to ensure that the proper protocol would be followed in showing respect to such a spiritual animal. Foremost among these advisors was Elder Roger Armitte, and in the following years he has become a close friend and has helped me with numerous media interviews and documentaries on Blizzard. Another individual who showed great interest in our White Buffalo was Winnipeg Police Service Patrol Sergeant, Cecil Sveinson. He is a spiritual caregiver and keeper of the two Sweat Lodges near Blizzard’s enclosure at the Zoo, and is committed to keeping alive First Nations’ ceremonial traditions.