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Posted By:Nocturnes

Old Comments:

2010-08-24 18:56:12
This photo is a digital combination of two different photos by photoshop or other digital program. Both photographs may have been taken at the same place and even the same night, however the scale for the sky and the foreground (with the pine) is quite different. Quite likely after the first photo (with the pine) was taken, the sky was digitally removed and replaced by another "sky" photo that was taken through a telescope at a far greater magnification. The Bristlecone Pine area of California's White Mountains is a great place for amateur astronomy. At 10,000 feet elevation it is well above smog levels and it is quite dark there at night. However, an image such as this of the milky way and stars would only be seen through a telescope. This area is reached by taking highway 168 east out of Big Pine, California for about 25 miles. Not too many visitors actually make it here, but it is a beautiful area, day or night. The information given previously by methuselah and nocturnes is essentially correct although I doubt if either of them has actually visited the area for themselves.
2010-08-24 01:06:58
Bristlecone Pines ( Pinus longaeva) are among the most individual ancient living organisms on earth. Some trees in the mountains of California and Nevada believed to be almost 5,000 years old.
2010-08-23 18:29:14
Fantastic photo, very dramatic.
2010-08-23 14:09:26
White Mountains, California. An ancient Bristlecone Pine stands before the Milky Way as a meteor streaks the sky.