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Old Comments:

2010-07-22 14:48:54
That is very good that you do that, Jujuba. But still, we have to be careful with the non commercial aspect of this. If they do not want ANY money being made from their photos, then we have to respect their wishes with that...
2010-07-22 14:47:05
Yes please anyone, if you could please comment and let us know of your version of a commercial site, both myself and Jujuba would be interested in knowing that and very appreciative of the info as well. The only time that we could go above that requirement is when we receive permission from the actual photographer to feature their work on here.
2010-07-22 14:36:23
Anyways, I´m still giving the source/link and name of photographer...
2010-07-22 14:35:37
Yeah, I got that I guess... I would just like to get the opinion from other people about Pixdaus being commercial or not - since from the mouths of the photographers from whom I ask permission to upload the photos I hear it´s not... Then I will be more careful in the future if that´s the case.
2010-07-22 14:11:21
Please read this Jujuba, and see if you know what I'm trying to get at. I'm not trying to criticize. I only want to make sure that you know what non commercial means. I don't want you to get into any trouble, that's all. Thankyou for understanding, Jujuba... :) This is for Creative Commons, non commercial....
2010-07-22 14:08:23
As I understand, Pixdaus is a commercial site. And pictures under Creative Commons with the dollar sign inside the circle with the stroke across the dollar sign has next to that... Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Please anyone, correct me if I am wrong about Pixdaus being commercial. I understand that as a site making money, whether that money comes from the pictures themselves, or from the ads on the site....
2010-07-22 12:39:56
Plus, the photos I get from CC specify this: "You´re free to: SHARE, COPY, TRASMIT and DISTRIBUTE the work."
2010-07-22 12:35:08
I understand your concern Mary, but I dont agree with you when you say that Pixdaus is making money from the photos which are posted. That would be the case if the pictures are used in some direct commercial way (if they´re used in an ad, or sold as prints by someone other than the photographer). Pixdaus makes money because people come to look at these pics and end up clicking on the ads. If that was the case, none of the photographers to whom I ask permission would allow me to post their photos here. They usually come and check out the site before allowing me to do that.
2010-07-22 11:46:55
Jujuba, I went to this person's photos and saw that although this photo is on Creative Commons, it is also meant to to be used non commercially. So not criticizing you at all, but that would mean that this site then is a no no for this photo to be placed here, because Pixdaus makes money from the photos that are posted. I would be right about that, wouldn't I ? Not sure. I never post photos that are non commercial for that reason. If I do, then it's with permission. Example of that are the bird photos of John and Fish that I posted a few weeks back. They are non commercial, but he still gave me permission to post his photos. Thanks, Jujuba.
2010-07-22 02:54:41
Thanks girls :-) No secrets Mary, I just search for specific key words, that´s it...
2010-07-21 17:25:58
Very pretty kitty.
2010-07-21 15:30:46
Just beautiful, Jujuba ! I am having trouble finding good photos on Flickr CC. How do you manage to find these good photos so well ? Wish I knew your secret.... :)
2010-07-21 15:00:07
** Under a creative commons license / some rights reserved - photographer permits the photo to be copied, distributed, exhibited and executed as long as proper credit is given.