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2011-11-15 14:32:53
2011-11-12 05:27:45
It should be added that this activity took place in November of 2011 and that is the date that the photo was taken.
2011-11-12 05:25:08
A sedated black rhino being carried by a military helicopter away from a poaching area in the hills of the Eastern Cape to a new home 15 miles away, Limpopo, South Africa. The move was organised by World Wildlife Fund who transported the herd of rhinos 1,000 miles to fresh breeding ground in the northern Limpopo province first by helicopter then by trucks. In order not distress the rhinos they were darted and put to sleep before being lifted. Black rhinos are under threat across Africa, where poachers in parks and private reserves kill and maim them for their horns.