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Old Comments:

2008-07-29 11:38:38
Small Duck quack me up. As digest of reader say, Laughter plenty good medicine.
2008-07-29 02:43:33
Actually I would like to see more Native American pictures as well! Amazing Jim, like patito said, you don't like them just scroll down. It's that simple. This site is full of crybabies! Whaaaa, no more kittens. Whaaa, no more pretty women. Whaaa, no more landscapes! WHAAAA, NO MORE WHINING! :D
2008-07-27 08:17:59
Speak for self, Whiteman. Me like'um Indian pictures, want see heap more ! You no like'um, you no look'um.
2008-07-27 07:14:52
Enough of this Indian parade already.