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Old Comments:

2009-05-09 10:39:30
That's interesting A Bout's I would never have pictured it that way, one of the photographers I like alot, is Patrick Smith photography, he does alot of seacapes and hawaiian scenery., and I always picture the beaches and the coconuts and palm trees, but you've been there so you should know : )
2009-05-09 10:23:48
Pops lives near here. Skip, yesterday you and avva were discussing Hawaii. We went in 85 and this is how the interior of Maui looked. My brother was deeply disappointed he thought it was gonna be all green with vines and the like. And before the brainiacs correct me yes the trees were of a different variety. But the dead grass on the hills was the same. I understand that some of the other islands are a bit greener but Maui was the only place we went.