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Old Comments:

2010-08-27 15:15:52
If you're the one who posted it, it is not in your folder anymore. That means it was downvoted to -13 or more. I'm sure the trolls are responsible for that; yet they accuse Patito of manipulating the votes. That's pretty sick!
2010-08-27 11:09:50
Did the Dorothea Lange photo of the men sitting on the front porch of the rural store disappear ?
2010-08-27 10:51:50
Drats - the comments are going all over the place again. I just barely send the comment 'Thank you -dense is good' that a Premium User, voted it down...within seconds. Spooky stuff ;-)
2010-08-27 10:50:18
Not sure that's a compliment ;-) I
2010-08-27 10:47:21
Thank you - dense is good ;-)
2010-08-27 08:25:20
Yes. Connies comment above is without doubt the most utterly incomprehensible and totally ridiculous pile of nonsensical gibberish ever to be posted in the entire history of Pixdaus. But it is probably a highly accurate reflection of its author's quality and clarity of thought.
2010-08-27 08:19:06
Connie, you are indeed the most dense person at Pixdaus!!
2010-08-27 05:37:01
Steve Irwin A question for you ...If Pixdaus literally meant that all photos be of nature, why did they create a +18 section? This is not a regular photo site where photographers post their work and other photographers give a critique. It's been proven time and again that folks who provide a critique get shot down. So, if we posted only nature pictures, there would be minimal comments...boredom would set in...the site would wither away and die. I've been on this site for two years now, and there has always been non-nature photos. One uploader used to mostly a lot of fascinating vintage photos. This photo has 20 votes...that is not at all unusual. There are many on Pixdaus who enjoy these photos...including myself and other Premium Users. When we click on the up button, it automatically gives 3 votes; so it does not take long before it gets to 20. I agree with Susan about the trolls. They have found a way to vote multiple times. They vote up so they can accuse the uploader of cheating.
2010-08-26 19:14:15
Steve Irwin, I have been visiting pixdaus since it's inception. I have always found the diversity of pictures part of what makes pixdaus stand out in the crowd. I'm like connie, in that I have a thrist for more knowledge and I also like the conversations that are derived from photos like these. From the beginning, Pixdaus has brought us all kinds of pictures from every subject imaginable - just because the word nature is mentioned I don't think that means we are restricted from posting or viewing pictures of a "different nature" -so to speak. Also, I would point out that these pictures could just as easily have been upvoted or downvoted by the trolls themselves - as that is often the case with these so called trolls.
2010-08-26 18:41:11
Connie, I am sure that you have an interest in these photos of US segregation from the 1960's. And I am sure that there are others as well. But, is Pixdaus the place for it? The stated aim of Pixdaus is NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY and everybody here should have that interest in mind. There is nothing wrong in having an interest in other types of photography, but there are other places for it on the Internet. If you must post a few segregation photos here. Do that, and tell the viewers where they can go for more of them, if that is what they want. When these recent posts keep getting these +20 upvotes, and they have been getting these, it is not even possible to make a guess as to how popular they actually are with the Pixdaus users.
2010-08-26 15:56:27
I was not around a year ago, Connie, when you posted your 'Slavery Theme', but I suspect that you did not try to shove it down everybody's throat by giving the photos +20 upvotes.
2010-08-26 15:56:17
MLK - I meant Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.
2010-08-26 15:55:31
I'm pretty positive that Dixie posted these photos because I indicated a strong interest in trying to know understand what really happened in the Southern US...slavery, plantations, MLK etc. That may be because I'm a Canadian - a neighbour. It's a world apart from what I grew up in. It's not an American pushing his/her history. I'm the one who is posting a 'Southern Theme' the last few days. I met a couple who had immigrated from South Africa - both being of mixed race, so were considered 'coloured'. It was very interesting to hear about life in SA during the apartheid years and what their struggles were...particularly because they were neither white nor black. History and Anthropology has always interested me. So, I would be interested in hearing from anyone about racism in other parts of the world.
2010-08-26 15:45:48
I get a sense that you are foaming at the mouth in your rage. These photos are not discriminatory; they tell the truth of what happened in the South.
2010-08-26 15:41:33
I really appreciate that Dixie posted these photos; they tell a story. But, I'm sorry that some troll(s) is now targeting Patito for those uploads. One would get the impression that we were dealing with a supremist...skinhead...KKK...or just a narrow-mined idiot or idiot - by I suspect it's only one. About a year ago, I posted a 'Slavery Theme' using some vintage photos of slavery in the South, and nobody went 'crazy' because of that; they were well received.
2010-08-26 15:31:36
Only 17% of Pixdaus users are American. Granted that is more than from any other country, but still a very small percent of the total. I for one, and possibly all of the remaining 83%, resent this insistence on pushing US history down our throats. Why should it be anymore important than others such as the German anti-semitism, the Protestant/Catholic struggle in Ireland, apartheid in South Africa, ethnic struggles in Serbia, etc. etc. etc. To me it is not! The biggest problem I have with American's is their lack of understanding of racism in the rest of the world and their preoccupation with their own problems.
2010-08-26 12:18:07
If your comments were removed thegrrrr8est, I would imagine it was because there was so much foul language on that particular page that perhaps all comments were removed in a clean sweep. In my opinion this constant trolling of Patito is the problem here, accusing him of being racist when he obviously posted these pictures in responce to Connie's interest in the subject of segregation in the south. But now, as usual, we have to put up with all this crap from the troll, and sometimes two trolls who try their hardest to make Patito look like the bad guy, while they go right on cheating and downvoting and making it impossible for people to enjoy a civil conversation about anything!
2010-08-26 11:57:00
"Only two things are infinite....the universe and human stupidity.." Albert Einstein
2010-08-26 11:39:35
"If Patito is posting photos as what?" And if Patito is posting photos as TeaTime.... so what? And if Patito is posting photos as HereForTheOranges... so what? And if Patito is posting spam... so what? YEAH! And if he upvote all of his crappy pics with +20 votes... so what? And if Connie lost her mind... so what?
2010-08-26 11:16:22
2010-08-26 11:01:21
A non-racist does not have to tell the world they are not. What is your real motive in knowing whether Patito is black or white? What purpose would it serve? If Patito is posting photos as what?
2010-08-26 10:58:58
You've made some valid points thegrrr8est. Racism is not a 'white' thing; it's in all cultures. I hope your comment does not 'disappear'. We need to hear all side to get a better understand.
2010-08-26 10:02:04
I do find it curious that in the comments section of another of these photos a comment I left highlighting how far blacks have come was removed. I cited and gave a link to a black college newspaper that made the point that American blacks live far richer and better lives than most of the world and trail white Americans by less and less each year. With over 110,000 black millionaires and a couple of black billionaires, I'd say they've done damned well for themselves. The same article made the point that blacks living in "poverty" in America are more likely the result of how they spend their money, not that they don't have enough of it. While they represent a relatively small percentage of the population, their spending on junk food, beer, entertainment, and non-necessary adornments far outweighs the rest of the population. Trillions of dollars have been poured into black communities. Astonishing advantages have been given to them in hiring practices and school admissions. I think it's important that both sides of this story are told. If all that is revealed to people who didn't live though these times in America are the photos I've seen over the past couple of days, it's easy to conclude that all whites are racist bastards, and that simply is not true. It'll be interesting to see if this comment lasts more than a day.
2010-08-25 19:45:50
"Uncle Tom", your comments give the impression that you are non-black and prejudiced. Otherwise why do you need to "confirm" your suspicions and convince people that you are not prejudiced. Why bring up the subject at all? Why is the 'color' of a person important to you?
2010-08-25 18:10:01
Patito (aka) Dixie, are you black? I don't think anybody has much doubt but what patito, Dixie, Chuck Berry, Tuskegee and several others are all one and the same. However, the definite focus of your latest posts on black/American topics and figures very much gives the impression that you are black and I would just like to confirm my suspicions on this. By the way, I don't consider myself to be, in any way, prejudiced.