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Old Comments:

2010-03-14 09:04:59
My internet connection Coy is high speed broadband so I can't understand then why Connie's photos load down to up. If I click on one of connie's photos to save it, it comes up as bitmaps. Not all the time that will happen, but most times it will....
2010-03-14 09:02:47
Sorry Connie, even I have trouble trying to explain what bitmaps are to people. So i have copied and pasted this link to read up about it. Hope that will help you to understand what bitmaps are all about. All I know is that bitmaps take alot longer to download than JPEG files do and take up alot of megabytes. When I save photos, I save them onto my desktop and then put them where I want them to go. Most times that will be in a folder stored in the 'My Documents' folder. I'm not familiar with the way you do things, Connie. I apologize for that.
2010-03-14 07:02:48
Thanks for the info COY. More often than not, as soon as I have posted a photo, it gets voted...even before I'm finished posting. So, for some, my photos show up right away. I don't have high-speed, and other people's uploads also take a while to show. So maybe that is the problem...or at least one of the problems. When I post photos that I had edited with Paint, I noticed that they take longer to upload. Can anyone tell me, as per my above comment to PictureGirl, if I am uploading the photos the wrong way, or if there is a better way?
2010-03-14 06:24:01
connie, I do not have any trouble looking at your postings. They are the same as any other postings. the people having trouble may have a slow internet connection. I have high speed broadband and all is fine.Also all of your postings that I have checked are not bitmap but are jpg .
2010-03-14 06:10:34
PictureGirl - what are bitmaps? Pardon my ignorance, but I never learned much about computers, except for the basics; my Assistant did the computer stuff. Now that I am retired, I bought a computer and try to figure it out myself. I find photos on the web; I save them to my 'My Pictures' folder & subfolders. Then, I click on ‘Post a pic', then ‘file’ and ‘Choose’. I type under the caption and tag, then ‘upload image to pixdaus’. Is that the wrong way? Maybe it's because I don't have 'high-speed' with my Internet provider. Some don’t have any problem seeing my uploads, some do.
2010-03-14 03:43:41
Too bad you won't see this one - its really pretty! I can imagine this is in my backyard in one of my imaginary homes
2010-03-13 23:18:20
I have noticed that too, Poppy. I think that Connie's pics are bitmaps. I don't know Connie if you mean to post your pics in that format or not. Are bitmaps meant to load from bottom to top ?
2010-03-13 23:13:54
Connie, do you happen to have a friend who's a computer wizard? It would be nice to find out why 90% of your pics open onto the page sooooooo slowly (I can see a whole page of other posters' pics in the time it would take to see one of yours) and from the bottom up. I don't know about other viewers, but I tend to scroll past your pics and thus don't even get to see them, which is a shame.