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Old Comments:

2009-06-12 12:05:16
Hockey pucks bought in the US!!!! How dare you sir - we invented hockey. It's a good thing you said you was joshin cause I did have my weston out. I ought to call you out at five paces. How sad for Texas - you almost got civilized. But, almost does not cut it. Yawl are a bunch of redneck bubbas (said with jest of course). Mon Dieu Patito, you Texans almost made it with the beau monde! So close, yet so far. Texas could NEVER be like Quebec! You eat too much red meat (shot full of hormones and heaven knows what else); you try to repress free speech (Oprah Winfrey comes to mind; you wear cowboy hats in restaurants; ya have the death penalty. Texas kills more people than the rest of the other US states combined - including persons certified as mentally sick. Did I mention you wear cowboy hats in restaurants? I and a friend went to a very nice restaurant for lunch today. Lo and behold a bunch of Texans walked in. How did I know they were Texans before they even opened their mouth? The stetson hats gave them away. The guys ordered BIG steaks...probably blue (half raw). You're right though; we Frenchies are a tad arrogant. It must be because we're so cute, dress well, eat elegant food and enjoy the perfect wine with each course. None of that guzzling beer for us mon ami. Well, Albertans do, but we don't consider them real Canadians; they are more American that you are. They even have a famous rodeo. So, you know a bit of ancient Canadian history. What about Canada's accomplishments on the world stage since WWII? We don't toot our horns, sing our national anthem with hands on our hearts, nor have the Canadian flag on every building including our you folks do. But, we still manage to quietly influence and achieve things. Sacrebleu indeed!
2009-06-12 10:30:57
Well, Ms C, fact is hardly anybody studies Canadian history since nothing much has happened up there since the invention of the igloo. Some Frenchmen came along, cut down some trees and built some cabins..some of 'em married some Indian gals and learned to paddle canoes and catch wild animals..that's about it...the country was so under-developed that for years the furs trapped in Canada had to be shipped down to the US to be tanned. Canadians had to visit the US to buy basic household items like forks, spoons, toothpaste, underwear and hockey pucks. Finally some Englishmen and Scots came along and managed to kind of tidy things up a bit.I understand that Canadian students are taught that their country does have a history, but I have it on good authority that most of it is just stuff they've made up so the children will feel better about being Canadians. Okay, I'm just joshin', Ms C..put that pistol back in your fact, I've been reading for years about Cartier, Champlain, Marquette and Frontenac, and I'm particularly interested in LaSalle, a fascinating individual and one of my favorite historical characters of all time. He landed down here , you know, just a few miles down the coast from where I sit writing these words, and struggled desperately to get something going. But almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong,and despite being a tremendously able, intelligent, energetic and physically powerful fellow, with an indominitable will, he was a bit on the arrogant side and didn't endear himself to his crew. Finally one of his own lads shot him and killed him, somewhere down here along the banks of the Brazos river. If that hadn't happened LaSalle might well have made it back to Canada, returned here with supplies and reinforcements and actually managed to establish French civilization on the Gulf Coast. He might then have hooked up with French Canada along and through the Mississippi Valley. Had that happened the map of the US might look very different today, and Texas could have wound up being like Quebec! Sacrebleu !
2009-06-12 03:23:59
My my Patito, you just gave me, again, a good opportunity to go after American arrogance (said a bit in jest). Thank you as things were getting boring here. You go assuming that I, and the rest of the world, knows what Abe said, just like you assumed I would know about one of your Civil War generals. What do you know about Canadian history? Quack quack ;-)
2009-06-12 02:03:15
It's very common also in Greece,( I have two of them in my garden ) but I don't know the real name. I have posted a photo of this flower few days ago..
2009-06-11 21:46:55
Thanks for the confirmation on the ID, Ms P..and Actually, Ms C, both plants are pretty common here on the Gulf Coast...the 'real' Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae, are all over the place...we also have lots of S. nicolai, or Giant Bird of Paradise, which grow to be as large as banana trees, to which they are closely related...we also have the plant in the photo above and it's grown at least as far west as San Angelo, where my cousin has one in her back's sometimes called Poinciana but that's a mis-nomer....remember what Abe Lincoln said..If we have three ducks and one chicken, and we call the chicken a duck, how many ducks do we have? Answer is three..callin' a chicken a duck doesn't make it a duck....
2009-06-11 15:50:24
Like I've said - one can always learn something on Pixdaus. I knew my two quite different bird of paradise flowers would trigger some discussion...especially from you Patito because one is from Texas ;-)
2009-06-11 14:24:31
Bet the farm, Patito, it's a Caesalpinia gilliesii, yellow bird of paradise.
2009-06-11 13:44:53
This is called Bird of Paradise, but it isn't the 'real' B o P, which is a monocot...this is also sometimes called poinciana, but it isn't the 'real' poinciana either... I think it is, in fact, a type of Caesalpinia, sometimes called Pride of Barbados...note: I am NOT prepared to bet the farm that I'm right about this ID. ..
2009-06-11 13:26:10
Happy to jog your memory. When I see some photos it reminds me of what I have in my folders.
2009-06-11 13:19:25
I just posted a red bird of paradise I have been meaning to post for a while. Seeing this one was a good reminder. ;)