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Posted By:Keith Allison

Old Comments:

2009-03-03 11:33:09
Do that keith allison. It has an exotic southern look to it. I imagine sitting under its shade with a good book...maybe a Mark Twain, listening to the sound of bees and other critters. I remember the first time I saw one; it was in the 1960s or early 70s in Waikiki. It was in a hotel courtyard, with chinese lanterns. Our table was right beside it. We danced to the music of a live band, and listened to the sound of the waves beside us while sipping a mai tai (my lst). I could almost write an ode to these banyans.
2009-03-03 11:19:05
I belong in another forum and I wrote that this is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen under a thread called the "10 Most Magnificant Trees in the World" My fiancee thinks it as ugly tree. I will post the other pictures of the tree for you because I do like it
2009-03-03 08:13:06
Whoever put 'ugly tree' on the tag (hope it's not you Keith), doesn't know beauty when they see it. It's beautiful, majestic, grand and it provides shades.
2009-03-03 07:36:08
It's a young banyan tree - originated in India.