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Old Comments:

2011-04-03 12:43:42
This was taken in Greenland according to this link..... For those who cannot translate the print on this particular page, this is what it says.... Northeast Greenland, the frozen landscape, the newly formed icebergs loomed in the mist, a group of small sea bird is given a big scene. Arctic landscape the site map is where the Danish biologist Karsten ex Agnes seabirds in 斯科斯比桑德 inspection conducted to capture the summer. 斯科斯比桑德 is the world's longest fjord. Iger, who every day see this spectacular en scene, several millions of flights between small sea bird and marine habitats, feeding on the Department." They often call joy rang sky. In my opinion, this is a unique voice of the Arctic. " he said.
2011-04-03 12:19:39
Where was this picture taken?