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Old Comments:

2009-05-05 22:20:25
I took french in High School. Best nap I ever took. ;-0
2009-05-05 12:33:47
That's ok...go ahead. Your first French lesson -it's "c'est la guerre, non?" My uncle's grandfather (or great grandfather) went with Napoleon's brother to Mexico. My uncle (by marriage) was of nobility, and friends with Napoleon's brother.
2009-05-05 11:51:35
Today In The News. Our Genius President: 'Happy Cuatro de Cinco!'
2009-05-05 11:28:10
Well, Ms C..looks like your photo of one of the other Patitos on the beach in Mexico has been relegated to the 18+ section...too bad..I was going to take advantage of the Mexicano theme to remind folks that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a very inportant date in Mexican history, as well as in ours here in the US...but maybe it's not fair to use one of your photos for that, since the holiday celebrates a victory over the la guerre, no ?
2009-05-05 11:16:10
Isn't this the scene you never want to see?
2009-05-05 11:16:02
Can't be Yogi -He doesn't have a picnic basket and the Ranger is no where in sight.
2009-05-05 10:48:22
I forgot to add that this is not a statue but a real bear.
2009-05-05 10:47:36
No, I don't remember that. I did not grow up with English comic books, nor English cartoons. But I heard about some of them, but not this one.
2009-05-05 10:04:22
Connie, this bear is the comics?the bear Yogui?Yellowstone park...Where is Bubu?Do you remember this comics?