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Old Comments:

2008-06-02 00:13:35
Note: Jojo believes that people who don't share his opinion are not simply incorrect, or mis-informed or mis-guided or naive..they are morons and assholes...another symptom of a belligerant and bullying intellect less interested in informing or seeking information than in attempting to intimidate and dominate..
2008-06-01 21:22:15
Yeah,yeah Lord god of bible hahhahahah sounds like a cartoon. If you ask me religios "people" or morons if we'll be honest definitely do more damage to the world than good,and the funny thing is that they all hide behind some book which preaches love,tolerance and respect for others. I just wonder how that ends up with nine crusade wars,inquisition and other lovely things like that. Go witch hunting assholes:*
2008-05-31 09:49:36
Mr jojo is in fact thirteen, and is of use his Mom's computer when she looks other way; this is why he is so bitter. Lord God Of Bible smote jojo with 2X4 at birth and made him so bitter. The "///" business in his name reveals his oedipal rage against Mr Almighty Lord for the smiting.
2008-05-31 07:41:10
I'm not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but I was brought up to believe that whether people want to believe or not is their business and that we should have respect for the beliefs of others. I know a good many people who are religious to one degree or another, from just barely to whole hog, and most of them are good, decent people. That you regard all religious people as "retarded freaks" actually says a great deal about your own intolerance, bigotry, and narrowness of perspective. You sound as if you're about 16 years old and think you've figured everything out.
2008-05-31 07:30:53
Why don't you go to some war to prove that to the guys who think the same thing about Kuran and hopefully you'll kill each other and do a world a favor.
2008-05-31 00:21:55
Jojo, is not funny what you say because is not what was said in Bible. Same with picture. Even though written and edited so many times by such many people for their own political ends, still every word in Bible is Absolute Truth Always so Amen That as you are going down to Hell.
2008-05-30 23:48:17
Now the fucking Moses will part the wall by pure strenght of will and he will bitchslap all the jews,rape every horse he can find and then ride away on women.
2008-05-30 23:45:46
Point is that all religios people are retarded freaks who believe in fairy tails inspite all the evidence and science and they make this world a digusting place to live. Amen
2008-05-30 23:12:00