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Posted By:DMAN

Old Comments:

2008-08-06 01:41:47
ayyayo,appadiya patito?
2008-08-06 01:05:30
LOL Patito! Luckily, I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I saw your Taco Bell story. I have also removed the gummy bears from my desk. You should start saving these stories (and the relevant pictures) with a view to publishing a book one day, perhaps entitled "Patito's Pixdaus Legpullers" or some such name. I'd buy it!
2008-08-06 00:50:19
Well known and revered South of the Border, this is, of course, the famous original Taco Bell, which hung for many years in the church of San Pugnacio de los Pendejos in the small village of Xichzthuatlcuatl, which lies in the northern part of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. During the later part of the 19th century the provincial gobernador, Juan Hernandez Gonzales Jesus Maria Todos los Santos, maintained the support, loyalty and good will of the poor but impoverished people of the district by hosting a great fiesta on the first Saturday of each month, at which time he would dispense free tacos to one and all. A steer would be killed on Friday,and while the men of the village grilled the barbecue the woman would pat out thousands of tortillas. By early afternoon the following day the tacos would be prepared and the padres would ring this bell, summoning the people to gather in the zocalo ( the village square ) to enjoy the splendid repast, along with festivities such as music, dancing and fireworks. The sound of the bell was of course a very welcome one, and the bell became known as La Campana de los Tacos, or as we would say in English, the Taco Bell. The church was destroyed during the Mexican Revolution early in the 20th century by Federal troops loyal to President Maricon Pachuco, but the villagers, anticipating such an outrage, had secretly removed the bell and buried it in the nearby mountains where it remained safely hidden until after the war. It is now on display as you see in the photograph, and is considered one of the most sacred relics of the district. Years later a Gringo entrepreneur named a chain of fast food restaurants after the famnous bell, but few people are aware of the true story behind the well-known trade name.
2008-08-05 19:54:58
common darling ,give us a better description ,where it is from ,which place etc