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Old Comments:

2010-09-17 15:13:54
ok after thinking about these responses and talking with my sig. other I do agree with what most of what you are saying. I'am not there but it is sad my hope is with them today. There must be a better way. Thank you
2010-09-17 14:02:25
Verdura is right. It is unfortunate, but there will always be those who use their superior skills in violence to forcefully take from others. If nobody is taught to defend themselves from that, they their entire culture gets ground into the soil. There are countless examples throughout history. The word genocide comes to mind; the organized slaughter of an entire race- far worse than war. Ill Bill said, "Pray for peace, but always be prepared for war."
2010-09-16 09:35:25
These people had no police department to call, Tyshirt, nor anyone to defend them but themselves. What you suggest is a very noble sentiment, but what happens if everyone does as you suggest and then the next version of the Nazis or the Visigoths or the Mongol Hordes or the Taliban come sweeping down on you and none of your young men know how to fight or how to use weapons? War is a terrible thing, but there are things worse than war.
2010-09-16 09:08:49
please don't raise your childern for war. This is a sad picture.We all learn by example.