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Old Comments:

2010-03-16 07:42:54
I'm glad that divorce didn't make you feel sad Patito, but relieved. I on the other hand find it very sad. It's almost like a death to me. And in a way it is a death, the death of a marriage. And because I never want to marry ever again, or even go into another relationship, that is double the pain... :(
2010-03-16 00:50:55
...been divorced twice... no bad taste, more like a sense of relief and liberation....think the more stuff you have the more likely splitin' the bklanket is to be acrimonious...when asked if he'd ever get married again one divorced friend said no...too time he's gonna keep it simple....said he's just gonna find a woman he doesn't like and buy her a house.... : )
2010-03-15 23:43:14
That's ok then, Patito. I'm glad that your uncles and aunts lived happy, productive lives. I won't be using my criteria anymore for picking a mate. Been there, done that and I'm not the least bit interested in having another mate. Divorce unfortunately leaves a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to marriage and relationships, well at least it does to me... :(
2010-03-15 23:12:59
..nothing to be sorry about, PG..they all lived long, generally happy and productive lives, and left dozens of youngun's and grand youngun's behind to remember them.....and if most men had to depend on their good looks to get a woman there'd be a whole lot more bachelors in this world...fortunately for most guys women tend to use a diferent set of criteria for picking mates than men do...
2010-03-15 22:31:36
I'm very sorry about that, patito. That's a grand age being 90. I can well believe that people back then were honest and hard working. The men might not of been pretty but it looks like they still got their woman... :)
2010-03-15 22:21:10
...nearly all my aunts and uncles have long since 'gone to glory' as grandmaw would have said..just one old aunt left and she's pushin' ninety...most of 'em were good people..honest, resilient, hard-working...but not all of 'em were pretty....especially the men-folks...
2010-03-15 21:58:21
Hope he's not reading this then... :(
2010-03-15 21:50:27
Of course it does!! I bet you are a look alike!
2010-03-15 21:36:07
...Yes M'am....but put a shirt and tie on this fellow and I swear he'd look just like my Uncle Bufford....same haircut, same expression on his face...Aunt Minnie always said she didn't marry him cause he was pretty...
2010-03-15 21:19:11
Now, now patito.... Be nice... :)
2010-03-15 21:08:51
...reminds me of some of my relatives...