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Old Comments:

2009-12-10 03:13:57
Ups, I'm not sure any more maybe it's kev case.. :(
2009-12-10 02:56:30
Must have missed that one: What Danis case?
2009-12-10 02:03:24
Just hope it wont get to many votes like in a DANIS case. :I
2009-12-10 01:56:55
You've got a point: there are some posters who can cheat a blank page to the top of the day's best pics. ;-) But, trust me, this is good!
2009-12-10 01:48:24
Tnx 4 comment poppy. After all this troll activities who can be sure is this real good photo or not.
2009-12-10 01:38:01
Wonderful pic, Peasant!