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Old Comments:

2008-04-15 20:45:01
Thank-you all for your feedback - I agree. Special aside to bawb - you're pathetic.
2008-04-14 08:06:13
Marked down because 1) Saturation low, little contrast 2) Focus and depth of focus bad 3) Commercial photo, looks scanned 4) Boring -- so it's a pretty girl. Big deal. Don't take it so hard -- it's tough to get any love on this site. Just enjoy the photos, and upload if you like. If you don't enjoy your time here, then STFU and don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on your way out.
2008-04-14 07:08:20
I couldn't photoshop a picture so much if I tried...
2008-04-14 06:55:24
Agreed! It looks like a scanned photo that was badly Photoshopped. I'd vote it down too but, it wasn't interesting enough for me to bother.
2008-04-14 06:52:56
Is this the picture you're talking/complaining about? The contrast is off and the shading on her nose is TERRIBLE. While she is beautiful, the picture isn't.