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Old Comments:

2009-09-09 16:27:47
Bearnard and Beartholemew did rather well, then! Bearnard will be in his element in Afghanistan because he was superb at tracking anything ever since he could walk - he'd be walking in the woods for hours on end, with his nose to the ground. As for Beartholemew, he did display signs of musical talent early on. Remenber the time when he was five and gave us a rendition of the Unbearable Boogie Blues by the Wondering Ursas while playing an air guitar? That was a hoot!
2009-09-09 10:57:32
I wondered about that as well, Ms P, so I called Maurice and asked him about the twins..interestingly enough,they took very different paths...Bearnard finished high school near the top of his class and won a full scholarship to VMI..he finished there in '05, went through Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Benning, and is now a First Lieutenant with the Fifth Special Forces Group in Afghanistan..we're not sure where he is, but Maurice believes he's down south in the area around Kandahar...Beartholemew took up the guitar when he was about thirteen, dropped out of high school, and later put together a series of bands that played around the Calgary- Edmonton area for a while..a couple of years ago he decided he wanted to be in a scene with a litle more action and potential, so he moved down to Austin where he and some other musicians have opend a club just off South Congress called The Den.. it's become a hot venue for the new Bluegrass-Zydeco Fusion sound, which is supposed to be the Next Big Thing in the Indy music scene...just goes to show you never can tell...same genes, same enviornment, but two totally different paths...
2009-09-09 04:16:41
My very BIG laugh for the day. I don't know where Sakatoon is, but I know that Saskatoon is in Saskatchewan. I thing Sasquatch was named after Saskatchewan...or maybe Saskatoon.
2009-09-09 04:09:14
Thanks, Patito, for the info on Bearnaise and Matilda. - But whatever happened to their twin boys? Are they in a boarding school somewhere? I remember them being so roudy and hard to manage, so stands to reason they were sent to a strict school before they ran totally wild...
2009-09-08 01:50:53
Sorry...had to go feed my pet alligators...they get pretty grumpy if they don't get their morning chickens....Now..about Bearnasie...Ms P got the story a little confused...Bearnasie didn't go to Ursa Major...he was an Ursa Major...that is, the primary focus of his academic work at U Cal Berkley was Ursine ( Bear) Studies...( he had a minor in PE..lotta folks don't know it but he was a varsity starter on the Cal basketball team his junior and senior years)....anyway, we used to correspond pretty often, but I haven't heard from him in a while....last word I had was from his cousin Maurice over around Beaux Bridge...he said Bearnasie had resigned his teaching position at the Canadian National Bear Rehab Facility in Sakatoon, and that he and his wife , Matilda, had opened a hunting and fishing lodge way up in northern Alberta...Matilda had closed her dance studio in L.A, and according to Maurice, she's experiencing some culture shock, going right from Hollywood to the Candian, she's always been a kind of white-knickles flyer, and the only way in and out of their place is an old second-hand de Haviland Twin Otter that used to belong to the Chilean air force ( and you know how those Latin people maintain their equipment..sheeesh...), Bearnasie likes to smoke a big doobie just before he takes off..says it helps him stay loose...that makes Matilda kinda nervous so she doesn't enjoy flyin' with him all that much, and tends to stick around the lodge...but she's always loved cooking, and perparing meals for the clients gives her a chance to exercise her creativity...and of course she takes care of the books..Bearnaise never had a head for business...I admit I was a little worried about the thought of the two of 'em up there alone in the cold and dark all winter..that kind of thing can really strain a relationship.....but Maurice reminded me that bears usually just sleep through all that anyway, so he thinks they'll be fine..I'll let you know when and if I hear anything more...
2009-09-08 01:30:56
So it would seem, but Patito is sitting on the details...
2009-09-08 00:10:05
Maybe those squigglies were a transmission from Bearnaise's home planet -Probably trying to communicate with you.
2009-09-07 23:49:32
Are you telling us Bearnaise is an interstellar traveler? A Space Bear?
2009-09-07 15:58:34
The above is the link to our first introduction to Bearnaise the Bear. If only Patito would put on his Story Teller's hat and give us some more, since he's been in closest contact with Bearnaise for all these months. I read somewhere that Bearnaise had been visiting relatives on Ursa Major, but now he's back on our planet and we want know what he's been up to... In the penultimate comment (poppy at 2008-08-26 10:32:54) the pixdaus system changed ... and ' into some strange squigglies: … and s.