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Old Comments:

2009-03-14 09:08:22
He's almost three , he's so dark never seem to get a good photo of him . He is such a hansom dog .Long hair 5 inches...his tail is a fan of hair. harry berry , 25 lbs...great little guy... I did post this along time ago .
2009-03-13 03:38:10
Absolutely adorable puppy! Puppies and other small animals seem to either look sad very happy - not much in between. I guess they don't want to expand their energy for anything so mediocre as 'in between' ;-)
2009-03-12 22:30:04
Lilly: Is Bear the latest addition to your family? Are you already attached to him or can you part with him? Just fly him over! :-) To whoever wrote added the tag "so why share anything personal? lilly!": Why the hell not? This is a picture ("Other cool pic from Pixdaus..."), is it not? This is a photograph, is it not? What's the matter with you? Cannot stand it that some people can make friends on Pixdaus? Because you feel out of it? What? If the day ever comes that Lilly will post her own picture on Pixdaus, then you just might have one leg to stand on to say that "why share anything personal" and not before. And, even then, THAT would just be a picture also... and Pixdaus IS about pictures. People like you lurk in the corners, never coming out of the shadows, never writing under your real nicks, never revealing who you really are. The Shadow People.