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Old Comments:

2010-11-18 12:04:03
Jim Paul, this is on the Utah, Idaho border. Sorry that I forgot to put that in whenever I posted it...
2010-11-18 12:00:30
Hey,Old Buddy! I never lost my user name COY. What happened was that when they did away with my PREMIUM account assigned to COY, they dropped my rating and the number of times that I had voted to Zero, which droped me right off the TOP list, and now I can not get another Premium account for COY because they say that COY is already taken. Patito, I can not figure it out. Perhaps they will, but I am not holding my breath until they do. Thanks patito for the kind thoughts.
2010-11-18 10:11:37
Which Bear Lake?
2010-11-18 10:05:01
Hey, Old Timer ! Looks like you got your name back and are open for business ! Glad to see it !