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Old Comments:

2008-03-01 05:43:43
Hm, I'm not a polar bear expert, Ummagumma should know them better. I got these pics with this funny title.
2008-03-01 05:39:42
2008-03-01 05:39:13
I think that's Knut in Germany. He's all grown up now. I think he will be used in movies. I must admit, polar bear cubs are very cute!
2008-02-29 23:26:56
no, I don't think so! :o)
2008-02-29 19:04:14
That was also my first thought.. But it isn't impossible that there is a little bear in canada, too. ;)
2008-02-29 17:59:47
isn't it a bear attack in germany? the famous KNUT icebear?