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Old Comments:

2009-09-28 01:07:17
Found 'em...donwloaded a few and hope you don't mind if I post one of the brave fishermen...the guys are obviously under-nourished and will no doubt take the fish home to their hungry familes...: )
2009-09-28 00:54:48
I'll take a look..meanwhile, Mr. Scumbag has re-posted his original comment under the photo of the jeep in the desrt.....I hope everyone will have a look at it so they can see what a pathetic, sick ( albeit disgusting ) individual we're dealing with..
2009-09-28 00:32:36
Here's a link to the set. This Set chronicles the episode of 3 men who struggled with and eventually caught a shark on the Jetty at Bal Harbour, Florida.
2009-09-28 00:16:36
This shark was probably caught, had it's fin cut off, then was tossed back into the sea...over 100 million sharks are killed each year worldwide, mostly so Asian men can enjoy shark-fin soup, which actually has almost no taste but is believed to be an aphrodisiac...the tiny Pacific Island Republic of Palau has recently enacted a ban on shark fishing in its waters, but has only one small boat to patrol an area about the size of Texas...but it's a start...if things are allowed to continue as is many species of sharks will simply become extinct.