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Old Comments:

2008-06-06 11:59:36
How can you be so naive as to take anything personally on the internet. It's just pixels on a screen.
2008-06-05 18:01:50
Don't worry, Skip, we all have embarrassed ourselves around here at one time or another! It's called being human. ;-)
2008-06-05 17:50:32
I'm really sorry then Victor I could not see the bird as having its "ass replaced around here" I must be getting paranoid about this posting pictures of men deal, somebody please find the humor in this, because I am embarrased as hell now!!
2008-06-05 14:43:36
SKIP: Viktor's comment is referring to the picture and not you: the non-conforming bird may get his ass kicked off the wire. I do not believe anyone would want you replaced, and it has nothing to do with the 'men's pics issue' either.
2008-06-05 14:04:35
now three votes
2008-06-05 13:42:44
Two votes were taken away from my picture of greece that's been popular all day. after the above comments. I came on here to tell comic book guy what a cute picture, and you can all see what happened. Id like some of you men to speak up about this.
2008-06-05 11:32:27
I have been supportative and encoraged many of the men here who post pictures and I don't think any of them would be against me because I'm a woman or because I was happy that willya posted some men's pictures. Infact no man here has ever been rude to me, but I think it's rude of you to make that comment to me and then not answer me.
2008-06-05 11:10:41
2008-06-05 11:04:11
2008-06-05 10:53:18
answer the question Victor, I feel like that was uncalled for. I have been real nice to everybody here. sometimes I joke but I love to joke. But I don't see how I can be replaced this is a free website right?
2008-06-05 10:39:06
are you talkin to me??? because I know it must be about being supportive of the mens pictures. what could you mean by get your ass replaced around here?
2008-06-05 10:34:36
or "Non-conformity, the fastest way to get your ass replaced around here"
2008-06-05 08:57:56
love the caption love the pic.. nothin like being yourself