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Old Comments:

2008-08-23 02:17:47 fed me the toolbox idea a long time ago when you said that you were not "the brightest tool in the toolbox." Cannot help it if I have a good memory, hah. ;-)
2008-08-22 23:26:16
you always have these bizarre terms that make me laugh poppy, "toolbox needs dusting"! LOL. i wasn't really privy to the whole cats thing so i missed the joke. i will go check my toolbox. ;)
2008-08-22 10:09:48
...the 'cat' was a joke, fyi, on account of Bring on the Cats doing the blitz just then. Your toolbox needs dusting.
2008-08-22 04:32:47
you can't say "Netherland" marosi, you can use the English term "Netherlands" or the Dutch name "Nederland". cat? ladder? you people must have superhuman vision or be on some great drugs.
2008-08-21 00:32:10 jove, it is! Where's "Bring on the Cats!"?
2008-08-20 23:57:49
Isn't that a cat over there at the bottom of that ladder ?
2008-08-20 23:12:50
no basel
2008-08-20 19:04:39
Kinderdijk, to be exact. In the Netherlands.
2008-08-20 15:42:40
Not Nether-Netherland?
2008-08-20 14:02:38