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Old Comments:

2009-08-15 11:35:11
Why do photographers think it's so effective to clip the sides off pictures? I'd like to see the whole scene.
2008-06-14 04:37:33
hey! I thought I recognised this but I've been there. LOL! I was there when the rain was pooring down. It turned the columns all black and shiny. Very beautiful.
2008-06-02 23:03:13
yup--thought of Giants Causeway as well!
2008-06-02 11:52:12
That column toward the left has a face and it looks like its laughing.
2008-06-02 10:40:06
Milkshake write all the "crap" you like. DXP is obviously a sick person. Pay him no mind.
2008-06-02 09:42:41
A similar formation exists at Fingal Head, Northern NSW, Australia.
2008-06-02 09:33:05
why don't ya look up "Panská skála" in Google and then post a photo of yourself - standing next to a matchbox so that anyone can figure how big imbecile you really are
2008-06-02 09:08:46
Looks just like the columns at Giants Causeway Park in Northern Ireland.
2008-06-02 08:55:17
Don't write crap. Just Post the photo, would ya
2008-06-02 08:15:18
There is also another, almost identical-looking basalt hexagon column formation in Czech republic