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Old Comments:

2009-05-06 04:10:53
I need a new incinerator barrel!
2008-10-25 05:51:29
it is awesome
2008-02-19 17:53:46
another elegant nut-cracker?
2008-02-18 21:37:00
yeah i used to work for a company that made those cutting teeth. but those ones ate body parts and not 44 gallon drums
2008-02-18 12:49:10
mmm!! That there's some good industrial shreddin!
2008-02-18 03:41:30
or 007: Licensed to Kill
2008-02-18 03:07:05
have a look at saw3 or 30 days of night ...
2008-02-18 02:59:16
I cant help but wonder, how long until this is done in a movie with the evil villain slowly grinding to death?