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Old Comments:

2008-08-31 22:14:32
An effective way to control the posting of objectionable material is to report it to the sponsors who advertise on the site. They DO NOT want their corporate identities sullied by association with obscenity or pornography and will quickly contact the site hosts.
2008-08-31 21:51:42
I believe it is true, however, that the photos posted yesterday by the troll ( and [presumably removed by the site hosts )were,in fact, as he claims, self-portraits.
2008-08-31 21:46:47
JS didn't post that sick was posted by a troll who has stolen his identity...
2008-08-31 19:17:09
TigerCub, I merely wrote the title the photographer gave to the photo.
2008-08-31 12:37:46
2008-08-31 10:57:36
2008-08-31 10:45:11
You, dip shit, have no clue what you are talking about....THAT is INDEED a Barn Owl. A Screech Owl is small and brown... much like my turds... please see my self portrait posted elsewhere on this site. Now... suck my cock for your lack of zoological knowledge.
2008-08-31 10:40:57
There is no such thing as a "Barn Owl," just owls that live in barns, that is a Screech Owl.