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Posted By:efarrar

Old Comments:

2009-04-05 02:40:44
You don't let up, do you? You say I have written my life story on Pixdaus. Well, Patito, you have been pretty open about where and how you live, some of your work history etc. I have enjoyed reading that. But, Poppy would consider that your life story on Pixdaus. Don't do that'll upset the Queen.
2009-04-04 21:04:55
This has gotten so goddamn crazy I don't even know how to respond or what to say...I'd hoped you ladies would have backed off and/or cooled off, but it's clearly gone way to far for for Patito and Poppy being the same person, that may be the best evidence yet that someone ( maybe the 'repost!!!!!' poster ? ) is suffering from some serious psychological problems...anyway...ol' Patito is going to have to ride off for a few days to help settle some very unpleasant business of a different sort..I most fervently hope that thngs here will have calmed down a bit and returned to a normal state of nuttiness by the time I'm able to get back..
2009-04-04 16:08:49
I don't care if he was Professor Higgins; in this case, he does not know what he is talking about. - You're far from comfortable in your own skin if you have to start creating these types of crazy 'theories' about who I am/poppy is. Why the hell should you care who I am/poppy is? I certainly don't care who you are (although you have pretty much written your lifestory on Pixdaus already, so I have a fair idea who you are) and you can keep on creating your 'theories' all you want, but I will not write back. And now some idiot thinks I am also Patito (see the tags). THAT is REALLY funny. ;-)
2009-04-04 15:09:41
Languages - their structure, variations, patterns, nuances etc etc - VERY complex. He was a university professor for crying out loud. I repeat - you're as phoney as hell. You tell me to lay off? You haven't stopped with your little snide remarks. Until you do stop, I will continue to 'dog' you, like you dogged me for months. I am not so insecure that I am concerned about making a laughing stock of myself on a Internet site where everyone has a username. That's a bizarre statement you made. That's the good thing about being older...almost a senior citizen. We don't care what strangers think of us. We are comfortable in our own skin. My family, friends and professional colleagues know who and what I am, and that's what counts. You again try to speak for others. Fight your own battles, or what you call "wars".
2009-04-04 14:45:42
Patito: Someone wrote in the tags that you and I are the same person. ;-)
2009-04-04 14:22:01
I don't care who he is, he is wrong. - For a period of about 20 years, from 14 to 34 yrs of age approx, I read about 6-8 books (in English) a week. Do the math. I have never read a drugstore romance novel although I suspect that I could learn an idiom or two from those also. These days, I only read about 2 books a week (in English, plus I read online newspapers in English every day). Connie, lay off. You're making a laughingstock of yourself.
2009-04-04 13:49:33
He has a lot to learn? Similar to Asian people from Asia knowing diddly squat about Peking Duck? He was a linguistic professor at a university in eastern Canada, considered an authority in his field, and very well known in North America and some parts of Europe. He knows what he's talking about. You are as phoney as hell. When you started dogging me, I left little comments to warn you to lay off. You did not heed my warnings. If you have read THOUSANDS of books you're a magician. It's impossible...get real! I'm in my early 60s, have read extensively, but I could not possibly have read THOUSANDS of books. Perhaps, you're referring to romance novels they sell at drugstore?
2009-04-04 13:34:56
You're more delusional than I thought. To every professor you can produce, I can produce 6. I work with them daily. The English language is my profession. I am Scandinavian, I live in Scandinavia. I have lived in the USA for 5 years. Style and idiom one can learn; for some of us it is easy. I have read THOUSANDS of books and I am a very quick study. Tell your "linguistic prof/friend" that he has a lot to learn. - "A little warning" of what?
2009-04-04 11:29:57
Sounds revolting. But, I will have peking duck with Mandarin crepe.
2009-04-04 11:29:15
Poppy, stuff it. You're no more Scandinavian than I am. My linguistic prof/friend (I did mention him before as a little warning) has looked at a lot of your comments over a period of time. He says you may have been born in a Scandinavian country, but you are either a Canadian or American, and you would have spent a majority of your life in North America. You have the style, a real native. Continue to make your snide remarks, and I'll respond.
2009-04-04 11:09:51
It's not so easy in the 'written' world of Pixdaus to see the tongue in the cheek of the writer, is it? I am as frequently misunderstood as you are. Yet, in the beginning, also I 'read you wrong' but after a couple of minor misunderstandings I could get on the same wavelength. Obviously, I am hampered by my foreign (Scandinavian) background in many respects, but having lived in the USA for a number of years I pretty much know 'where you're coming from' but the Canadians still throw me for a loop. What to do? I am not proposing to move to Canada any time soon. ;-) Efarrar: lighten up; Patito is our Chief Resident Legpuller.
2009-04-04 10:42:48
Well, Efar, I'm real sorry you feel that way..on the off chance you come back to check these comments let me say I was just pokin' fun at you North Texans in general and I regret you took it so seriously and personally...I will also tell you I thought several of your photos were pretty good, especially the bridge in the Japanese Gardens....but as to your question about when I'm comin' to MIngus, I wouldn't drive all the way up there from the Gulf Coast to watch a pissant eat a bale of hay or see the Twelve Apostles play softball......Peace, Brother !
2009-04-04 09:05:45
OK, I will admit it. I did live in New England for a time when I was stationed in New London with sub fleet. I spent several years during the Viet Nam years and also spent time in the Boston Naval shipyard during this tour. I guess that makes me bad. If you go to the On Line Handbook Of Texas and search for my last name, farrar, you will find my great-great-great-greatgrandparents. There are several but some are on my maternal side. I have pride when visting the graves of these Texas Heros and seeing the brass medallions that say "citizen of the republic of Texas". I bet you have never heard of these honors. Now to my main gripe....You claim to be a Texan..You made comments about Mingus that for the sake of argument lets say are true. Those comments make the state of Texas look bad. This is a public place and anyone in the world can read your words. To you it may be a joke to you and give some ego boost but to me, a Texan making bad comments to the world about Texas is crude and insulting. Please, please, please do not insult the great state of Texas. I'm now finished with Pixdaus. I thought this was a fun place to post pictures and look at great pictures but people like you who only use these things to post twisted and selfish comments always ruin the good in the world. You may comment if you wish but I'm done. P.S. you never told me when you will visit Mingus.
2009-04-02 20:45:26
Okay, ol' more time..I was BORN in Texas..both my parents were BORN in Texas..three put of four of my grandparents were BORN in Texas..we've been here since Texas was a Republic, and I've lived here most of my life, which is pushin' 70 years, and most of that in the country.....I've been around cows, cowboys, cattlemen and farmers almost my entire life, and have spent way more time than I should have in honky tonks and country dance halls...and I know for an absolute certain fact that the overwhelming majority of the guys you see ANYWHERE in Texas wearing those big ol' hats, boots, and belt buckles the size of hubcaps are NOT cowboys, don't own any cows, have never even milked a damn cow, much less worked cattle. One thing I do know about Texans is that most of 'em know when somebody is foolin' with'em, and most of 'em can take a joke. You, apparently, can't. So where the hell are you from, New Jersey ?
2009-04-02 12:32:52
Four letter must be in middle school. Calm down dude. If you travel to Palo Pinto county you will find the main industry is ranching. I have no idea where you get the idea that the Palo Pinto area has no ranching. A few miles west is the oil patch. Sorry, I know you have no idea of what is happening in Texas. Now we are getting out of control. You still have avoided the question when you are going to Mingus. If you do go to Mingus, please leave your pink, bunches of guns at home. I am so sorry if my comments have offended you. If you attack and make fun of others without true information then be a man and keep your mouth and computer shut. I will stand up and defend slander and mistruths toward any part of Texas. I see you also have a problem with the Texas North of Waco. I love and respect all of Texas from the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle to the Piney Woods and to the great Big Bend. Texas, love it or leave it.
2009-04-02 11:02:19're right...I should have said car salesmen, insurance adjusters, telephone repairmen, vinyl siding hangers and oilfield workers...none of whom are cowboys....come on, Efar..can't you take a fuckin' joke? Besides, Mingus ain't even really in Texas.. anything north of Waco is Northern Occupied Oklahoma ..
2009-04-02 10:53:49
Chinese pancakes, anyone? With peking duck?
2009-04-02 09:55:58
From your comments it is clear you have never been to Mingus. It is 1.5 hours from West Ft. Worth, 2 hours from East Ft Worth and 2-4 hours from Dallas County. I have a friend that has been playing in a country and western band at the Trio for the past 30 years. OK, I'm old. The Trio is the second oldest country and western dance hall in Texas. Let me know the first weekend you are free and I'll meet you in Mingus and watch you call an oil field worker a vinyl siding hanger. I already know the answer because you will coward out with a lame excuse. If owning bunches (that sounds so female) of guns, driving a pickup makes you a Texan then anybody in the world can be a Texan. My standards for being a Texan are much higher than yours.
2009-04-01 11:11:59
I was born in Texas and have lived most of my life in Texas...I own a farm, a bunch of guns, and drive a pickup...I have hauled hay and palpated heifers..I used to own cows till I got smart enough not to..and I learned a long time ago that in the typical bar, roadhouse or honky tonk within driving range of any large Texas city the percentage of dudes wearin' boots and big hats who are actually cowboys is something on the order of 5% and that's a generous estimate..most of 'em are car salesmen, insurance adjusters, telephone repairmen and vinyl siding hangers...
2009-04-01 10:29:02
Patito is incorrrect about Mingus. There are several bars and two dance halls. It has been a social area since the 30's (give or take a few decades) and at one time was noted as a very violent place. It has calmmed and can only claim one murder in the past few years. You will oil field workers, ranch hands and ranch owners in the bars. I have been going into the bars for many years and find that city people hate these places. Patito, walk into one of these bars and call the locals "would-be cowboys" and you might be the next notch in a gun.
2009-03-20 21:58:03
Mingus is a little hole in the road town about an hour west of Ft's semi-famous for having a honky tonk where would-be cowboys drink beer, get drunk, dance, punch each other out, throw up in the parking lot, then try to drive back to their homes in the suburbs without gettin' busted for DWI. Life's real excitin' in North Texas.
2009-03-20 12:10:22
Anyone that knows about the social life West of Fort Worth knows all about Mingus. Real Texans know of Mingus and its longest running road house in Texas.