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Old Comments:

2010-09-14 14:47:28
I was only referring to Canadian and American cuisine in a very general way. I did not speak disparagingly about any other countries...including the rest of the Americas (the only exception is Cuba). I also did not single out French cuisine as being superior. I gave just three examples of European countries (France, Italy, Spain), but I could have listed them all. I was poking fun at our MacDonalds, Burger Kings and so on. But, Vancouver for instance, has some of the best European, Asian etc restaurants. Vancouver has now attracted three of the top chefs from France, and a couple of top chefs from Hong Kong. But, in general, we in Canada and the US have far too many fast-food take-outs/restaurants and eat far too much of it. As for turkey vs chicken - it's a matter of individual taste. There is no right of wrong. I prefer chicken or cornish hen. What's the difference between horse meat and cow meat? Do you have any idea of what is in ground beef? What is the difference between snail (escargot) and clams etc? I have never heard of nor seen calves heads and camel's feet on any menu in France. Here in Canada, head cheese is made from pig mother used to make it along with blood sausage when I was a kid. It's still be sold in stores.
2010-09-14 14:29:24
I have a relative who made a fortune while living in Dallas for a few years. I always thought he made it in oil, but it was in mining!! Go figure. Coming back to Vancouver from Guadalajara, I went through the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I was really tired because the plane had been divered to the Denver Airport; a man had a heart attack on the plane - so we were late. Anyways, those Immigration & Customs pathetic-excuse -for- public servants with their big guns scared the hell out of us Canadians. One guy roughly told me to take my shoes off. When I didn't move quickly enough, he yelled. I told him he was being rude; so he asked if I wanted to be held back and not board my next plane. I said no problem as long as I'm given the right to make some phone calls... to the media and the Canadian Consulate. I added that I was a long-time Canadian federal employee which included working with Canada Immigration and with Canadian Citizenship, so I was aware of the requirements of enforcement, so there was no reason to yell and intimidate us...we had not asked to land on American's just that no plane went directly from Vancouver to Guadalaja (at that time) so we had to transfer. I added that I was a mature woman in my 60s, knew my rights and was not easily intimidated. He gave me a dirty look but shut up. It ended funny when an Immigration guy piped up "You don't look your age". I said that was because I pickled my face every night before going to bed.. That got a few laughs from the line-up ;-) So, patito, what else is wrong with Dallas?
2010-09-14 10:18:11
The French, who eat horses, snails, calves heads (tete de veau) and pickled camel's feet ( pied de chameau) are hardly in a a position to speak disparagingly about what other people in the world eat. And while the idea that continental cusine in general and French cuisine in particular is somehow superior to that of the Americas may have had some currency in times past, that notion has been passe for at least a couple of decades. The notion that chicken is superior in taste or flavor to turkey is simply laughable, regardless of whether Europeans eat them or not.
2010-09-14 05:01:29
You've obviously never been to Dallas. And if you're smart you'll keep it that way !
2010-09-14 04:53:03
Barcelona is not that impressive ;-)
2010-09-14 04:12:29
Most European countries (ie France, Italy, Spain etc) don't cook turkey - they don't care for it. You can't even see turkey in their meat/grocery stores. You can't compare North American cooking with most European cuisines; there is a world of difference!
2010-09-14 04:08:39
I'm French - we use herbs & spices and wine (sparingly) in most of our enhance/compliment the taste of chicken. I sometimes roast the chicken with just some salt and freshly cracked pepper. With turkey, I would have to use a lot more spices & herbs - to camouflage their yucky taste.
2010-09-13 23:43:55
There's nothing wrong with chickens. They're fine and useful animals which is why they were, along with horses and dogs, among the first domestic animals brought to the New World by our European ancestors. But the turkey is a Native American, one of the few domestic animals possesed by the Pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Americas, and very much prized by them for the richness of its flavor. To suggest that a mere chicken, no matter how skillfully prepared, is equal to the turkey in terms of taste or flavor is simply absurd, and is comparable to arguing that Dallas is as charming and sophisticated as Barcelona.
2010-09-13 14:37:51
So, you cook your bird with onions, carrot, salt and pepper, basil, garlic, lemon peel and wine ? And why do you do that ? Because the chicken itself is tasteless. You could cook an old T shirt in all those herbs and spices and it would no doubt be quite delicious. But a tender, juicy young extra flavorings are required. The bird itself is sufficiently tasty.
2010-09-13 14:21:36
My chicken and cornish hen are never tasteless. I roast them with little onions, and carrots; adding the right spices (my own concoction of salt, pepper, basil, garlic and sometimes dry lemon peel). For the last half hour, I add some white wine. It iz superbe...mmmmmm Turkey is an American invention that some Canadians, who lack imagination, have picked up on. You must be a American Bird Brain...they always think bigger is better ;-) My maman was a superbe cook, and she made turkey a couple of times....because it was cheaper. We all told her to go back to the chicken.
2010-09-13 13:21:51
Chicken is so bland it has almost no taste unless one seasons it heavily or fries it. But a tender young turkey has a distinctive taste that is unsurpassed. There's a reason we cook them on special occasions. They are special birds and are especially tasty. You probably just never had one that was properly prepared.
2010-09-13 13:03:08
I don't like turkey, so I'll have my cornish hen (1 or 2 people) or a roast chicken. The meat is more tender, juicier and tastier ;-)
2010-09-13 09:45:34
Thanks, but I think I'll just have the turkey .
2010-09-12 15:16:05
Onward Ho I go. I will march over to Stanley Park (in Vancouver) and lasso me a bunch of yahoo swans and string em up. But, what do I do with the Canada Geese once there? They mess up even more!
2010-09-12 14:22:06
I've never heard of this group that you talk of here, No More Swans.Where is proof that this organization exists ? I looked it up on Google and nothing came up. If they exist, do they have a website ? I would never join it though as I have nothing against these beautiful creatures. I happen to think that man has done more damage to the earth than anyone or anything else... :(
2010-09-12 13:48:19
I speak for the membership of the International Federation for the Suppression and Eradication of Swans, with over 600,000 members world wide. For far too long these foul fowl have beguiled innocent and unsusoecting people with their attractive looks, and then, once a person's guard is down, visciously pecked them about the head and shoulders, frequently resulting in serious bodily injury. Not only that but proximity to swans puts one at risk of contracting Swan Fever, a debilitating disease that ravages thousands of victims in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Join us, brothers and sisters, as we march forward united in our commitment to once and for all ban these filthy birds from the lakes, ponds and streams of the civilized world !
2010-09-12 12:53:02
Certainly not for me. I love swans...
2010-09-12 12:27:36
Do you speak for all the 'people'?
2010-09-12 11:48:22
It's because people are tired of seeing photos of swans. They are nasty birds who poop all over the place, bad tempered and dangerously aggressive ( dozens of people are pecked by swans world wide each year ) , so in-bred that they are among the stupidest of all birds, and aren't even good to eat, certainly not good enough to be worth the trouble it would take to pluck one of the wretched creatures. No More Swans !
2010-09-12 11:23:20
I don't know why this photo got such low vote. The photographer did a wonderful job with light. It's a nice photo for Baloch1