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Posted By:mariosan
Description:The cauldron ice age is sheltering the emblematic Balea Lake (4.6 ha, altitude 2034 m) with the most beautiful mountain challet, is by far the most important sports center on altitude in Romanian Carpathians. Located in the heart of Fagaras Mountains - itself the grand mountain complex of our Carpathian - Balea Lake area, part of the natural reserve (180 ha) presents a typical glacial relief with moraines, terraces,valley -shaped "U" dominated by increases deep crown from which rises from the northeast to the southwest Vaiuga 2443 m peak , separated by Iezerul Caprei peak 2417 m, Saua Caprei peak 2315 m, Paltinul peak 2398 m. From here the edge Bâlea descend northwards beyond the Bâlea falls to the Mierea (Honey) peak 1500 m.