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Old Comments:

2010-07-28 22:25:14
White Eagle’s picture was already a repost, Santos posted it earlier, see Also Santos got the photographer’s name wrong although the name can be seen on the photo itself: Steffen Binke, and Binke says of his photo: ”After a rarely seen spyhopping of a dwarf minke whale the whale slowly descended in my direction and we came close to a 1.5m distance. The shot happened early in the morning around 7 am and it was a rough surface and it was not easy to control my own movement. Iso 200 1/400 f7.1 13mm tokina fisheye 10-17mm Nikon D200 Aquatica Housing” See also
2010-07-28 15:54:15
Sorry Poppy you are totally wrong this time. The information on the original post by White Eagle, is considerably more correct than this one. White Eagle did misspell the photographers name but that is all. The original photographer was Steffan Binke and accomplished professional underwater photographer. The photo was taken on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and identified by Binke as a Minke Whale. The original photo, by Binke, was captioned as "Eye to Eye". Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) and Minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorastrata) are both closely related "baleen whales" and are species in the same genus. Blue whales are considerably larger and the information as supplied by Ludwig would apply as the maximum for a Blue whale. Of the two whale species only the Minke whales are found in the Australian Barrier Reef where the photo was taken. Swimming with these Minke whales, at the Barrier Reef, has become a popular activity. Swimming with Blue whales has never been known to happen. Steffen Minke did not identify this animal as a "dwarf" Minke whale, however, the Minke whales of the Australian Barrier Reef have been studied as "dwarf" Minke's for a number of years. Ultimately, they may be described as either a distinct species or a distinct subspecies of B. acutoratrata.
2010-07-28 12:48:11
Repost, I am glad this is a repost because the info on the pic posted by White Eagle is erroneus. This pic gets my + vote.
2010-07-28 11:34:56
Blue Whales are the Best!!!
2010-07-28 11:26:09
Uploaded yesterday! Just take a look at the "Most popular today"!