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Old Comments:

2009-03-17 11:48:44
Thank you musicadri24. I get carried away about India. I have read a lot about their history during and after British rule. It's a fascinating country - pulsating with life. I hope to go there some day.
2009-03-17 11:15:08
I just wanted to say I liked your comment, it was very informative and interesting.
2009-03-09 07:51:12
Part of the problem lies in their religion. Like a lot of countries who are so focused on their religion, those old beliefs clash with the modern world we live in. Their 'caste system' and how they see the role 'of a woman' holds them down. But India is slowly rising above that. The government is starting to insist on the rights of the 'untouchables' (they don't even belong to a caste), giving them jobs in the government. There is even one who is a Member of Parliament. Who would have thought this would ever happen!! There have been riots on this issue by the middle and upper class Hindus. Hindu women in India have always had more rights than Moslem women in Moslem countries - example Indira Ghandi as Prime Minister. But, it's still pathetic compared to the rights of women in the western world. However, this is also slowly changing. There are now a lot of advocacy groups involved in the rights of women. There is a female Member of Parliatment who has been quite outspoken. New laws have been put in place giving women more rights. Their advance in the field of technology is superior to many countries. Many of the brightest ones are working in the Silicon Valley. They have doctors who perform incredible surgeries. Some people from the US get their surgeries there (much cheaper than in the US). The middle class is getting bigger and bigger, and they are very educated. It is estimated that India will be a first world country in the not too too distant future. Change has to come slowly; otherwise there would be chaos and violence due to the conservative Hindus. The last ones to hold out will be the small villages of which there are thousands. Another problem is the animosity between the Hindus (majority) and the Moslems in India, going back even before the British Raj left. It's like a volcano simmering, with the occasional bursts here and there causing death and destruction. It could erupt into something much worse.
2009-03-09 07:25:32
someone is realy stupid ... it's BURMA !!! not India...
2008-09-29 21:07:04
This is not in India. It's located in Myanmar (Burma). Whoever has uploaded this photo, should change the title.
2008-09-11 09:59:48
but you know...this is totally off the subject of the photo...i wasn't gonna comment...but the Indians have 1 of the 3 most advanced civilizations in the world...and they created 2 of the most sophisticated religions in the world...and India is huge, full of natural resources, stuffed with human resources (ha!), and has many viable seaports, and all kinds of climates to support all kinds of agriculture...but yet it's a country mired in poverty where MILLIONS live in shitty poverty. can anyone say what the fuck is the problem with India? they have a nuclear bomb but millions live in poverty? hell Brazil has nuclear capacity but most people don't live in that shitty level. untouchables eh? i just don't get it.
2008-09-11 08:32:45
2008-07-17 11:01:29
thats not in india - it's in burma (aka myanmar)...