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Old Comments:

2010-10-30 10:37:32
Let this be a warning to all you men out there..never go swimming without your pants on !
2010-10-30 08:59:18
I'm so glad that the family of elephants came to the baby elephant's rescue. That was very kind of you Ademir to include that piece of information here for us to read. That puts my mind at rest but even so, I find it very difficult to look at this photo. It is too disturbing. I know the croc has to eat, but boy, the poor elephant. It would've been very frightening for him. Elephants are such beautiful creatures...
2010-10-30 01:44:12
This is the shocking moment a crocodile grabbed the trunk of a baby elephant, hoping to get lunch. The scene was captured by amateur photographer Johan Opperman while taking pictures of a family of African elephants grazing by a water hole in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Hearing the calf's distress calls, the herd of elephants immediately came to its rescue, scaring the croc off