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Posted By:rainstormdragon

Old Comments:

2010-09-17 06:51:37
I'm not about to get my feelings dreadfully hurt over some person I've never met's dislike of stuff I randomly found online and posted here. It looks to me like he's just been on the site long enough that he feels superior to those of us who only found it more recently. *shrugs* I have enough things in my life to worry about. There's only so much damage to site ratings that a single person can do, so don't let him get to you so much.
2010-09-17 00:11:10
You look totally silly when you tell rainstormdragon that his/her pictures are 'garbage' when you posted the worst pictures at Pixdaus by yourself! Go back to your goats, idiot!
2010-09-16 23:55:11
Hey, that's a photo of one of my dogs, and a fine handsome fellow he is, too ! And it was a first-time post since I took it myself back when there was a scare about copy-right infringement and everyone was posting photos of their pets. I think I'll make a comment under it to move it up to the front again so people can admire him ! And let me suggest to you, dear Traveler, that it is you who needs to STFU ! have a nice day ! : P
2010-09-16 22:18:09
When I look at your latest pictures: you better STFU!
2010-09-16 08:36:05
I didn't 'downgrade' every single one of your pictures. In fact, I have voted for several of them and thought some of the Hubble shots were quite good, especially the 'Orion Nebula' and the 'Pillar and Jets.' But too many of your pics look as if they came from the same wallpaper site, and some of them, such as 'Strange Craft' are just utter schlock. Re-posts and duplicates are inevitable. We all do it from time to time. But when you post photos from wallpaper sites as many of yours are, the risk of posting a duplicate is much higher. Your 'Emperor Penguin with Chicks' photo is a good example. It's been posted over 60 times on the web. A quick check with Tineye will help avoid the problem. I hope you keep posting, but finding good photos takes time. If you don't know about Tineye or how to use it, just ask and someone will help you.
2010-09-16 07:40:27
I'd searched photos of lion cubs on the site before and it hadn't come up, that's all I know. So that's why you downgraded that picture; is there a reason you've gone over every single other thing I posted and graded it down too? Is it just on principle because I don't do my homework, or have you checked the site extensively and found every one of them already posted on here too?
2010-09-16 02:47:35
This has been posted over 70's on every photosite and wallpaper site on the's been posted here at Pixdaus at least 5 or 6 times... You're not doing your homework, Pal.