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Old Comments:

2010-06-09 17:50:04
2010-06-09 03:00:09
peasant, I had often this kind of problem : some of my comments didn't "want" to enter on Pixdaus. And sometimes, like you did, I renounced to begin a second, a third time to write them in English. Now I use two different methods : - for short comments, I make/do "ctrl c" before making the code. If it does work, I have only to do " ctrl v" in the new window. - and, for very long comments, I "work" them on a document Word before to send. ( But it is very rare ! ) I use to have a lot of times "bad gateway" :-( .What is your language ?
2010-06-09 01:06:12
And there's a good thing about this problem with comments. I just do not make comment on insults. That takes me to much time and effort to replay! :)
2010-06-09 00:13:40
This is what one could call a 'rubber duck''
2010-06-08 23:54:12
That's ok, Peasant. You are not obligated to answer if you do not wish to. I understand about the problems that can happen here on Pixdaus. It is them that has the problem with the 'bad gateway' because when I'm trying to get through to Pixdaus and I have that 'bad gateway' problem at the time, the other sites I'm visiting then go like clockwork... :)
2010-06-08 23:47:07
I'm not complaining, I just want you to know why I didn't respond on your first comment on dog in the swing... After several attempts I simply have no more will to write ( and translate to English!) and I forget what I wanted to say. 'Bed geteway ' is my old friend I get that massage every time when I post or write comment for a few month...
2010-06-08 23:36:21
So sorry that you've been having problems with commenting, Peasant. I haven't had problems with getting my comments down, but last night, I had trouble with posting one of my uploads and also tonight I've had a 'bad gateway' a few times to Pixdaus. I don't like it when that happens. But hey, that's cyberspace for you... :(
2010-06-08 23:26:15
Look like a suicide but isn't... just a natural thing for that lil fellow. BDW: I've problem with writing comments.. :I I hope I'm the only one. This is my 2. attempt.
2010-06-08 23:15:12
Poor little thing. I'm so glad that he was ok after his dive off the tree...:)