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Old Comments:

2008-07-25 04:11:14
fyi and his mental diarrhea. Sad.
2008-07-25 04:11:04
i so wanted to disprove this photo but it is totally real. yowzers.
2008-07-25 03:57:07
I thought a B-52 huge but this gives you an idea of how big a carrier is. WOW!
2008-07-24 23:25:49
Great post!
2008-07-24 21:29:45
Just found some info... It happened in early 1990 in the Persian Gulf, while U.S. carriers and B-52s were holding joint exercises. Two B-52s called the carrier (USS Ranger) and asked if they could do a fly-by, and the carrier air controller said yes. When the B-52s reported they were 9 kilometers out, the carrier controller said he didn't see them. The B-52s told the carrier folks to look down. The paint job on the B-52 made it hard to see from above, but as it got closer, the sailors could make it out, and the water the B-52 jets were causing to spray out. It's very, very rare for a USAF aircraft to do a fly-by below the flight deck of a carrier. But B-52s had been practicing low level flights for years, to come in under Soviet radar. In this case, the B-52 pilots asked the carrier controller if they would like the bombers come around again. The carrier guys said yes, and a lot more sailors had their cameras out this time.